State Of Nation Address: ”I’m A Suspect Of COVID-19”-Museveni Declares

State Of Nation Address: ”I’m A Suspect Of COVID-19”-Museveni Declares

By Spy Uganda

HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has publicly declared that he suspects to be having COVID-19 based on the tests he took today.

Museveni delivering his annual State Of Nation Address said that when he got signs and symptoms of COVID-19, he was forced to take some tests and unfortunately of the three tests, one showed that he is positive.

”In the morning I was feeling as if I was having a slight cold, so I called my medical team to check Corona and they took samples as usual. There is what they call a rapid one that was negative. Then there are two which go for deeper analysis one was positive the other was negative so am a suspect of COVID-19. That’s why you saw me coming in different cars with maama Janet,” said Museveni as he ended his address.

Meanwhile, at the same address, Museveni warned his government officials for tossing investors who passionately come with great love to develop the nation.

”Delaying and tossing our investors must stop, why are you (culprits) overestimating yourselves? Mishandling investors and wasting their time! We crush these two evils and the sky is the limit,” said Museveni.

Statistically, Museveni said the production of milk increased by 193 percent from 2.8b litres in 2020/21 to 5.4 b litres in 2021/22. In the same period, the export value increased from USD $98.8m to USD $103m in 2022.

He said the sports sector is now a priority. ”We shall do more for the sports sector. Apart from Namboole and Nakivubo, we need more standard stadiums. It doesn’t matter whether they are private or government.” an accessible web community

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