‘Stop Beating Your Husbands’- MP Atuhaire

‘Stop Beating Your Husbands’- MP Atuhaire

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By Micheal Atwakiire      

Sheema: The Woman Member of Parliament for Sheema district Jacklet Atuhaire Rwabukurukuru, this week cautioned women in Sheema district against beating and torturing their husbands.

While meeting Kitagata town council Twetunguure groups where about 31 groups received  free piglets and saucepans, Atuhaire said “Although I have given you all these things you asked me for, stop beating your husbands.

Some of the piglets Hon. Atuhaire donated to the voters

I have just landed on news from a reliable source indicating that Sheema district  was ranked as the second first district in western Uganda where men are  highly tortured by their wives, both physically and emotionally.

Banyankore have a proverb that ‘Ekyeebwa juba nobwooro nobugumba’ meaning that what a human being  can forget easily is poverty and barrenness. 

Some of the piglets MP Atuhaire gave to voters

Do you remember the time you spent in overnights ,fasting and in crusades asking God to give you someone to marry you? Do you know that that  man you are beating  rescued you from dying as a spinster? First wait, do you know that there are millions and millions of women who are seriously  looking for that specific man you are beating? Kyarenga ‘ for sure!”

She added that “Being more rich than your husband or more educated than him doesn’t mean that you have become head of the family. Believe me or not you will never be when your husband is still alive . I therefore request you to stop torturing your husbands. Instead treat them like babies by giving them extraordinary care and respect.”

She later cautioned both husbands and wives to stop expecting everything from government but to work harder.

 “Sometimes you annoy God who created you with everything that can make you rich in this world but you ignorantly fail to use them. Why do you first wait for a Member of Parliament to first come to you to tell you to go and work for the betterment of your future?  

What don’t you know? Please use your arms and legs to work harder. Use your heads to think twice and deeply before you act. What I advise you is one;  take these things you asked me for.  I believe that since you are the one who made a choice for yourselves, they will help you to overcome poverty but remember to sit together on the same table and you plan for your money accurately,” Atuhaire cautioned.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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