Sudan Protest Leaders To Unveil Civilian Interim Gov’t On Easter Sunday

Sudan Protest Leaders To Unveil Civilian Interim Gov’t On Easter Sunday an accessible web community

By Agencies

Khartoum: A few days after the overthrow of former Sudan president Omar El-Bashir, leaders of the protests that led to the toppling of his government have revealed that they will announce a civilian leadership on Easter Sunday, which will pave way for a transitional government.

The Sudan’s protest movement which is mounting pressure on the military to relinquish power said it will unveil a civilian ruling body on Sunday. The Sudanese Professionals Association called on its supporters, foreign diplomats and journalists to be present on Sunday outside army headquarters where thousands have kept up protests since Bashir’s ouster last week, demanding civilian rule. “This press conference at 7:00pm on Sunday will announce the names of a civilian council,” the SPA, the group that led the other protesters said Friday, in a statement.

The SPA, which organised the four-month nationwide protests that led up to Bashir’s overthrow, has toughened its stand against the military council, demanding its immediate dissolution and replacement with civilian leaders. “We are demanding that this Civilian Council, which will have representatives of the army, replace the military council,” SPA leader, Ahmed al-Rabia, told AFP. Sudan is currently under the leadership of ‘Veteran’ soldier Lt. Gen Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan, who took over from  Abdurahman Bin Awuf, who stepped down just a day after assuming power, following Bashir’s ouster in a military-led coup. an accessible web community

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