Talent Search: Sanyu FM Unveils Top 50 Mic Stars On Semi-Final Stage

Talent Search: Sanyu FM Unveils Top 50 Mic Stars On Semi-Final Stage

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By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Last month Sanyu FM launched the radio talent search dubbed ‘Hot mic search’ that shall see a winner going home with a cash prize of shs.3million as well as a presenter job with a two year contract offer.

This is aiming to boost talent in youth by giving them space to portray their abilities and also to close the unemployment gap among millions of youth in Uganda.

As we report now, Roger Mugisha the station programs director says they received over 1300 entries and among theses only 50 have been approved to participate in the hot competitions.

“With over 1300 entries, we are now down to the top 50. From this stage onward will select the top 20 and then final 10”.

Mugisha explained that contestants will now be required to use their social media platforms to promote Sanyu FM. “the number of likes contributes 60% of their total votes while 40% is from our judges”.

“Judges have been reduced to 40%, your 60% will come from your networks around you to support you on our pages. Everyone will be assigned a number, we will know you as ABC No 49” Mugisha told the contestants.

“Go tell your friends to tell their friends to support you on our pages we have between now and 15 July’”.

Mugisha also urged them to be available all times whenever they are called upon to show up.

“Availability is very important, please don’t enter into this contest when you know you have another project and tomorrow after winning this you are somewhere else.

Mugisha further warned that there should not be any person to ask a bribe from the contestants since this is free of charge and their talents are the cause for them to reach to the final stages.

It should be noted that earlier this month, the Sanyu FM Director Dr Sudhir Ruparelia revealed he wanted new talents at the station with an aim of staying on top of broadcasters list.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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