The First Love Letter I Received Was From My History Teacher – MP Jacklet Spills Beans!

The First Love Letter I Received Was From My History Teacher – MP Jacklet Spills Beans!

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema District Woman legislator Jacklet Atuhaire has warned teachers to stop harassing their students sexually.

Jacklet made the remarks while presiding the pass out of 746 patriots at Kibingo Girls Secondary School Kabwohe in sheema District where she testified that its true some teachers date their own students. “I say this by experience, the first love letter I received asking me a date, was from my history teacher (names with held) when I was in form 3 at a certain school I won’t mention here, I was shocked. Please teachers stop that, your job here is to brighten our children’s future by showing them the right way to pass through but not falling in love with them. Whenever you try that to a student you teach, whether she or he accepts or not, know that you have not only killed her grade but also her successful future,” she Said.

Kibingo Girls SS students during a patriotism passout

The legislator further advised young girls and boys on how to defend themselves “My young beauties, I tell you that whoever comes to you asking for love, say NO and mean what you say, if he or she resists, report him or her to police or to any authorized office. For those who try to use force, I request you to use the tactics they have been training you for self defense by hitting on the most painful parts, they will automatically go away from you. If you accept and they sleep with you , they will have killed your bright future,” Jacklet advised.

The ceremony was also attended by the District Resident Commissioner (RDC) Sheema, Frank Kyereere who refuted rumors that NRM is training patriots to fight opposition “We are training people to love their country, in this we are fighting corruption, murder and all sorts of crimes because a person who is patriotic treasure his or her county. Therefore there is no one fighting opposition instead opposition leaders  are fighting themselves,” he said. an accessible web community

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