The Truth On Fameica,Jazmine’s R’ship Unveiled In Their Secret Romantic Gallery Doing Things

The Truth On Fameica,Jazmine’s R’ship Unveiled In Their Secret Romantic Gallery Doing Things an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: For the couple of months, Ugandans have been wondering and eagerly waiting to know the mutual connection between two super music emperors Fik Fameica and soft but with ‘a mellifluous tone’ singer Lydia Jazmine basing on their ways of interaction and appearances in both public and private but spyable places.

On the same matter, the duo ‘seemed’ but ‘not confirmed’ love birds have always quashed the allegations surrounding their friendship that it might be originating from the roots of love they are alleged to be enjoying secretly.

In one of the latest interview with a local media, Lydia Jazmine stated that her relationship with Fik Fameica is only based on friendship and reasoned that the pair are rumored to be involved in a relationship because he is currently the best male artiste with whom she relates better and more openly.

“I am not having any entanglements with Fik Fameica. He is just my open friend with whom I relate to more openly. That is the only reason as to why people claim that we are having entanglements,” the artist stated.

However, since we live to ‘Speak What Others Fear’ and unearthing what is buried, we have gathered for you a romantic story illustrated with sequential photographs of the duo (rumoured lovers) that will guarantee you an opportunity to make an appropriate judgement whether they are in love or just friendship.


Singer Jazmine With Freshest Niga Fameica At One Of Their Residentials.
Jazmine Mercilessly Unveils Full Pages Of Her Bonking Site.
Jazmine & Fameica In Practice Of How They Always Play Their “Friendship” Games.
Basing On the Principles Of Romance, One May Predict That She Missed Fameica’s Soft Touch.
The Question From Social Media Was Whether Fameica’s Neck Padlock Is Jazmine’s Innovation Of Locking Him From City Slayers.
Jazmine Volunteering To Be Fameica’s Pillow In Their Winter Days.
In Their Early Days Before The World Started Unearthing Their Relationship.
‘Just Hajji Wa Hajjati’ On The IDD Day Remembering Prophet Muhammad Swalla-Allaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam.
Few Friends Can Share Such Happiness But For The Duo, It’s All Possible. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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