The Truth:Gen.Kasirye Ggwanga, Army Locked Horns Over ‘Unruly’ Guards

The Truth:Gen.Kasirye Ggwanga, Army Locked Horns Over ‘Unruly’ Guards an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

News about retired Maj. Gen. Kasirye Ggawanga’s ‘arrest’ and purported detention at Mbuya based Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) headquarters has been doing rounds on social media for the best part of Tuesday evening.

Reports circulated like wildfire that Gen. Ggwanga had been detained at Mbuya UPDF headquarters over allegations of disobeying military orders including chasing away bodyguards and police officers who had been deployed at his farm.

However, when our ever-alert Spies contacted Gen. Gwanga and asked him what exactly had happened,  he rubbished the allegations that he had been arrested and revealed that  UPDF officials had  booked him into hospital to make it appear as if he wasn’t well, yet in actual sense the saga was all about the army bodyguards he had rejected.

Gen. Ggwanga, in an exclusive interview via phone with our reporter Andrew Irumba revealed that about seven months ago, the army sent him four army guards to guard him at his up country home in Bussujju Mityana, although he objected, he told them to take back their guards but they also refused and today he decided to drive them himself back to their base,he said.

Ggwanga alleged that the assigned soldiers were terrorising men’s women in the village by bonking them left, right and centre, and this was tanishing his name.

Here below are excerpts of our reporter’s brief conversation with Gen. Ggwanga around 16:45pm:

Gen. Ggwanga: “Irumba, I drove these 4 army bodyguards back to Kampala from Mityana, now they are putting me in a hospital to show as if I’m sick. These guards are unruly, they roam villages sleeping with people’s wives. They’re spoiling my name. Let them cut the crap.

I retired from army, I don’t need their guards, my dogs are better. But tell your people to stop spreading propaganda, I’m not arrested,” he said.

 At 19:48 Pm our reporter called again to check on him;

Reporter: Hello General, cut the crap!! What’s the update now?

Gen: Ggwanga: Haaahahaaa (laughs).. You’re a marauder!! Gamba abantu bo nti nzizeeyo ewaaffe Bussuju, muffe ne Corona wamwe mu kibuga. (Tell your people I have gone back to my home in village, die with corona in the City). They’ve insisted on giving me one guard at least, he is the one I have gone back with, let them cut the crap,” Ggwanga said before he hung up.

To those close to him, they will tell you Ggwanga enjoys being in company of his dogs, his cigarette and UG waragi more than human beings. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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