The Uniqueness Attracting Tenants At Kingdom Kampala Mall Despite COVID-19 Effects Unveiled

The Uniqueness Attracting Tenants At Kingdom Kampala Mall Despite COVID-19 Effects Unveiled an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Thousands of tenants every day flood Kingdom Kampala Mall and Shopping Complex to book for space despite COVID-19 pandemic hardships that have left some Ugandans sewing pocket holes caused by poverty.

Some of the key factors why Kingdom Kampala is toping other city malls to get tenants is because it is a mixed use development located in the heart of Kampala between three main roads- Nile avenue, Yusuf Lule Road and Dewinton Road in the Central Business District and offers rare exclusivity and outstanding luxury.

Escalator and The Beauty In The Mall.

There is a future prospect that the facility will host a luxury hotel with conference facilities and events space -16,500sqm, corporate office space of about 40,000sqm and a shopping center with an external piazza and entertainment facilities worth 30,000sqm plus residential apartments meaning it is a place that one would wish to book now before consumed.

We also established that it is a world modern class property designed with rare uniqueness with building features made from the finest of modern architectural elements that last longer and do not cause any shortcomings to your tenants’ businesses. The interior layout falls into contemporary category and refines clients eyes.

A Place To Rent And Have Your Business Boosted Due To Multi-Million Clients.

The parking space, the washrooms, the lifts, smoke detectors, walk throughs and all windows bring sense of modern age. Access to the exterior part of the building is so easy and hustle free- bringing a fresh exquisite feel in customer lifecycle value; every time to come to visit.

And for those with an eye for high end office space, this property with exclusive new look in Kampala marries classic sophistication, accessibility and convenience all in perfect harmony. The building has been designed to allow for flexibility of function as necessitated by the tenants.

Here are the Unique Features & Benefits Scarce With Other Malls.

  • Fully automated fire detection system on all floors.
  • Smoke detectors and heat sensors within a 5 meter wide radius.
  • ISO certified fire rated electrical cables for the alarm systems throughout the building
  • 74 smoke detectors, 6 sounders and 6 manual call points on each basement floor.
  • Independent 20KVA backup pump generator for the fire pump in case of a power shutdown during emergency
  • Access controlled lifts on all floors
  • 150 CCTV cameras in all public areas
  • 400 numbered vehicle parking on 3 basement levels with provision for 20 motorcycle and bicycle parking.
  • High quality porcelain tile floor finish within all offices and granite floors for lift and reception lobbies.
  • 24 hour full management team and dedicated staff on ground to cater to the needs of the tenants.
  • Extra service rooms to cater to needs of the different tenants should they require more than has been provided onsite.
  • Solar water heat exchangers connected to the wet areas to cut down on the buildings energy foot-print
  • Independent Electrical rooms on each of the office floors that allow for independent metering and monitoring by the tenants.
  • The building has access to dual fibre optics internet connections from Dewinton road and Nile avenue.
  • Backup generator to provide uninterrupted power supply.


Some Of The Few Spaces Available At A Favouring Price.

As we report today, the Kingdom Kampala Mall is already 80% rented out with few available units on demand hence a need to book your space now so as not to miss out.! an accessible web community an accessible web community

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