Thugs Break Into KCCA Offices, Steal Computers And Files

Thugs Break Into KCCA Offices, Steal Computers And Files an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: It seems there is no security at City Hall! Not at all; because thugs have made it a habit to break into Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) offices, whenever they feel like!

A few days back after Minister for Kampala Betty Kamya ordered for an audit into how KCCA paid billions of shillings in lost court cases, the thugs broke into the KCCA legal department’s  offices and stole several files and computers.

As you read this, workers at City Hall are wondering how another gang of thugs last night broke into offices of KCCA’s Health Department, from which they stole several files, computers and vandalized some stationery there.

Sources at KCCA told Spy Uganda that the office of the Directorate of Public Health at the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) suffered a break-in and several computers were vandalized, whereby the thugs took hard disks.

Peter Kaujju, the KCCA spokesperson confirmed to the press on Monday about the break-in, which  he said occurred on August 8th.

He said “Investigations are ongoing to ascertain how it happened and how much was lost.”

However, like we told above, this is not the first time thugs are breaking into KCCA offices and despite the police, army, LDU, Askari and other security personnel at City Hall, no one seems to be able to nab these very sharp thugs.

This is because on June 11th, 2019, unidentified smart thugs broke into the Directorate of Engineering Department of the road surveyor and took off with the Central Processing Units-CPUs.

About a week later on June 21st, another gang of thugs broke into the Legal Directorate and Litigation office an still stole computers, vandalized some and took hard disks.

The two break-ins happened at a time when the directorate of legal had been tasked to explain the authority’s debt amounting to over Shs65Bn. Much of the debt has accumulated due to lost court cases.

According to the Kampala District Public Accounts Committee Report 2018, majority of the cases being handled by the legal department originated from the department of Engineering.

Since the break-ins, there has been no report produced to that effect although Kaujju said this is not a sign of weakness or loophole in the administration of KCCA.

Kaujju added that KCCA is working on beefing up its surveillance. Currently, KCCA does not have security cameras at its headquarters at City Hall.

However, security analysts contend the continued break-ins could point to a deliberate move by some ‘Kawukumi’ at KCCA to frustrate anyone who tries to audit the Authority, since there will be no data or information to base the audit upon. an accessible web community

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