Tooro Cultures & Traditions Put On Test As King Oyo Gives Away Water Logged Sister Princess Komuntale To Another Man Again In Secret Function

Tooro Cultures & Traditions Put On Test As King Oyo Gives Away Water Logged Sister Princess Komuntale To Another Man Again In Secret Function an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

It was pomp and glamour as Tooro Kingdom’s Omukama Dr.Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi 1V Amooti controversially gave away his water-logged sister, Princess (Batebe) Ruth Komuntale Akiiki for the second time, this time round, to US-based Jamaican prominent DJ Phillip Anthony aka DJ Dutty Phil.

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According to our Palace based spy, Komuntale walked down the aisle with fiance DJ Phil in the USA earlier Friday in a low key function before hosting their few very close family members and friends to a sumptuous lunch.

Komuntale’s young brother, His Highness King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru of Tooro and Tooro Queen mother Best Kemigisa Akiiki flew out of the country a week ago to grace the occasion in one of the states in the US.

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Previously, Princess Komuntale was married to Christopher Thomas in 2012, in a royal wedding that took place at Karuzika Palace, Fort Portal. The royal wedding took Uganda by storm before the two separated a year later and filed for a divorce. Komuntale later described their union as a ‘poisonous’ broken marriage with the wrong person which she had to let go.

A few years later, Komuntale met her now-husband, Anthony Phillip and the couple’s relationship has seemingly since looked healthy, growing from photoshoots that the princess posts on her Instagram, engagements, messages of romance and support shared between the couple and now sealed off with a secret wedding away from her homeland Tooro Kingdom.

DJ Dutty Phil based Jamaican based in the US  is not only a DJ but also an IT engineer and has since earned himself a Kitooro pet name, Amooti from his Batooro in-laws, especially the royal family.

Tooro Princess Komuntale (Middle), Queen Mother Best Kemigisa (R) And King Oyo During The Wedding Ceremony On Friday

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However since the news broke out earlier today, there have been mixed reactions from a section of Batooro who think that a whole princess would not choose to sideline the elders of the Kingdom who are supposed to be part of the ceremony let alone having such a ceremony in a foreign country away from her homeland.

According to the Tooro Cultures & Traditions, a king is not supposed to move for his subjects, but in this case, the King had to move all the way to the US to give away his sister for the second time, which some Batooro don’t concur with thus accusing King Oyo of abandoning the traditions.

        Princess Komuntale And Her Husband Anthony Philip

Another section of Batooro has also drawn criticism on both Komuntale and King Oyo’s dance moves which they say have tarnished the image of Tooro Kingdom, in which they believe traditionally the King is not supposed to pull out such ‘crazy’ dance moves in front of his subjects, adding that it’s his subjects who are supposed to dance for the King and entertain him and not vice versa.

Other Batooro have castigated Komuntale for not upholding the cultural values, norms and traditions of Tooro as a royal, thus keeping the ceremony a top secret from the Tooro elders.

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”Truth be told, she is not a role model and inspiration to our young girls of Tooro Kingdom. That’s why they kept it a top-secret, she was raised in the western culture and has no values, norms and cultures of our centuries-old Kingdom,” one Mutooro who preferred anonymity noted.

”People are here celebrating the downfall of Tooro Kingdom, if culture is not respected, what else do you respect? where does the Kingdom stand when non of the traditions and norms were followed during the ceremony moreover in a foreign country,” another one added.

Previously there has been a myth that a princess or prince cannot get married to a person outside of Tooro but such theory has been discredited. For instance, in 1955, Prince Hosea Nyabongo, son to Omukama Daudi Kyebambe Kasagama and brother to Omukama Rukidi, married an African American Ada Naomi Paynter, daughter of an evangelical preacher.

She was born in Bermuda and raised in New York. Having preferred an academic career and later public service to the pampered life of the princess, Nyabongo spent the greater part of his life in institutions of higher learning both in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Here at Spy Uganda BTW, we wish the new couple three bundles of twins and happy marriage… follow more moments of the event in our below photo moments… an accessible web community an accessible web community

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