Tooro King Dissolves Cabinet, Kingdom Elders Divided Over His ‘Powers’ To Appoint New Speakers!

Tooro King Dissolves Cabinet, Kingdom Elders Divided Over His ‘Powers’ To Appoint New Speakers! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Fort Portal: The Omukama of Tooro Kingdom Dr.Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV Amooti last week dissolved his cabinet and made new appointments that saw Mwirumubi Julius Kihika and Silver Kasoro scooping speakership and deputy speakership jobs (in acting capacity) respectively, an act a section of Tooro elders are questioning on whether he has constitutional powers to appoint ‘new’ speakers which are by law supposed to be elected by members of the Rukurato.

Mwirumubi replaces Mr. Saulo Mugasa who furiously resigned last year arguing that he couldn’t continue to serve the Kingdom which is infested with all of corruption scandals, mismanagement of Kingdom properties, wrangles, and deadly divisionism among other intolerable stuff.

Since the resignation of the former speaker Saulo, it’s his deputy who has been conducting business till King Oyo gave the office to the new Speaker on 6th May 2022.

However, this has left a section of Kingdom elites spitting venom against Oyo, whom they accuse of ruling like a serial dictator. They say announcing the above appointments using his office is illegal.

“He can only appoint them as electoral officials to organize elections, that’s according to our Kingdom Constitution. After all the clans have elected their representatives, those very elected leaders then elect the two speakers from themselves, but not the King to appoint,” a close source in the Palace told this reporter on Saturday.

The source, familiar with kingdom administration told our reporter that by King Oyo personally appointing the speakers means he has usurped the powers of the Rukurato which is mandated to do that jon, then present the names to the Omukama for confirmation. “By appointing them acting,the Omukama has already shown his preferred speakers and therefore no subject would want to elect contrary to what the king has already ‘blessed’. So in reality,these very names will return as ‘elected’ speakers when the rukurato convenes, because Oyo has already corrupted them,” said the source, adding that, that’s not how the constitution was made.

Meanwhile, the King has since given the appointed speakers one month to; organize Clans at Saaza headquarters to hold elections for new Clan Heads and Clan representatives (who are both members of the Supreme Council). Every Clan sends only two people; the Clan leader and the representative, and Royal Family sends seven including; Musuuga, Batebe, and five other royals.

”This is an appeal, that you contact your Clan leaders and ask them to hold an Extraordinary Clan Assembly, to vote for new representatives. Once the members of the new Orukurato convene, they shall elect their own Speaker and Deputy as per the Constitution,” partially reads a statement mobilizing Kindom subjects for the elections of the clan representatives.

The Kingdom has over 40 main Clans and other Special interest Groups by virtual of their offices making it twenty categories. Below are the eligible members of Orukurato (Traditional Parliament of Tooro Kingdom).

1. Abajwara Kondo (Coronets)
2. Royals (7)
3. Clan Leaders (40)
4. Clan Representatives (40)
5. Saaza Chiefs (10)
6. Gombolola Chiefs ( 30)
7. Youth Representatives ( 10)
8. PWD’s (2) M/F
9. Babwisi / Bamba (2) M/F
10. Bakonzo (2) M/F
11. Banyakigezi of Toro (2) M/F
12. Banya’rwanda of Toro (2) M/F
13. Nubians of Toro (2) M/F
14. Religious Representatives (3)
15. District Chairpersons (9)
16. Members of Parliament ( Regional Caucus).
17. RISO
18. RPC
19. Regional Prisons
20. Division Comm – UPDF
21. Amagatwa
22. Omusuna
23. Omujaguzi
24. Nyina Omukama Ow’empeka. an accessible web community

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