Tooro Kingdom Omukama Oyo Reshuffles Cabinet,Slashes Cabinet To 16!

Tooro Kingdom Omukama Oyo Reshuffles Cabinet,Slashes Cabinet To 16! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Fort Portal: The Omukama of Tooro Kingdom Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi 1V has reshuffled his cabinet, appointing new ministers and  replacing others.

According to our Kingdom sources the Omukama  has also slashed his cabinet from 33 to 16 in a bid to reduce on expenses and have effective  service delivery . In the new reshuffle however, Omuhikirwa (Prime minister) Bernard Tungwako has retained his slot.  These are the Omukama  Oyo’s new ministerial appointments according the reshuffle;

Prime Minister -Rt Hon Benard Tungakwo Ateenyi.

1st Deputy Prime Minister -Rt Hon Harriet Nyakake Abwoli .

2nd Deputy Prime Minister -Rt Hon Tinka Steven Amooti .

3rd Deputy Prime Minister & Security -Rt Hon Muganzi Patrick

1.Minister for Finance -Owek Kuribanza Byanyima Charles .

2.Minister for lands -Owek Kateeba Polly Acaali .

3.Minister For Health -Owek Beyeza Tito

4.Minister for planning -Owek Musinguzi B.Levi

5.Minister for Tourism -Owek Kantu Joan Else Adyeri

6.Minister for Local Government-Owek Muganda Herbert .

7.Minister for Information-Owek Mwangushya Mpagi .

8.Minister for Gender ,culture &clan moblisation -Owek Peter sande Rusoke

9.Minister for Education -Owek Prof.Mukama Namara Denis

10.Minister for palace affairs -Owek Alfred Tumukugize

11.Minister of Agriculture-Owek Bakamya M. Charles .

12.Minister for Foreign affairs -Owek Mutegeki B. Henry

13 .Minister for Youth -Owek Edward Kasaija

14.Minister for Sports -Owek Wandera Micheal .

15.Minister For General Duties -Owek Mugenyi James .

16 .Kingdom Attorney General -Owek Bitebekezi Titus .


1.Deputy Minister for Health -Owek Dr Mugahi Richard

2.Deputy Minister for information-Owek Mugume Vincent

3.Deputy Minister for Education -Owek Sanusu Hamidu Mugisa

4.Deputy Minister for Youth -Owek Kasoro Rodgers

5.Deputy Minister for Culture -Owek Mwesige Zebidayo Mukwikwi

6.Deputy Minister for lands -Owek Moses Rutaningwa

7.Deputy Minister for agriculture-Owek Sabiiti Steven

8.Deputy Minister for local Government-Owek Mugisa Godfrey

9.Deputy Attorney General-Owek kwikiriza Herbert .

  1. Kingdom Spokesperson-Owek Gusalire Kennedy .

Omukama Ahangirize . an accessible web community an accessible web community

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