Tooro Queen Mother Former Lawyer Bob Kasango Is Dead!

Tooro Queen Mother Former Lawyer Bob Kasango Is Dead! an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Prominent city lawyer Bob Kasango has died from Luzira State Prison reportedly due to heart failure.

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According to the Spokesperson of Uganda Prisons Frank Baine, Kasango died on Saturday, February 27th, while being transported from Murchison Bay prison to Mulago Hospital for further treatment.

His death has also been confirmed by his nephew, one Balton.

“My Uncle Bob Kasango has died due to heart failure. Last met him at the prison before COVID-19. Rest well my uncle you have been such a great lawyer outside and inside the prison. We will always remember you for your kindness and generosity,” posted his nephew Balton.

Tooro Queen mother Best Kemigisa Akiiki is one of Kasango former biggest clients. The two however were no longer seeing each other eye to eye after Kasango pocketed Queen mother’s over shs3billion and refused to pay it, which forced the Queen mother to drag him to court. Court ruled in her favor and ordered Kasango to pay her shs3B which Kasango failed still till up to the time of his death.

The money in question ended in Kasango’s pockets after the Queen Mother entrusted her lawyer then, Mr Kasango with the duty of receiving it from the Lands Ministry Permanent Secretary on her behalf accruing from sale of land in Kyaka Kyegegwa and Kibiito, Bunyangabu, which had encumbrances, where a journalist, a one Andrew Irumba claimed the Queen sold part of his 100acres along. The total sake from the land was over shs5billion.

The Anti-Corruption Court had sentenced Kasango to 16 years in jail for unlawfully accessing money meant for pensioners.

The others jailed are former Public Service permanent secretary Jimmy Lwamafa (nine years), former Public Service principal account in charge of pensions Christopher Obey (14 years), and former Public Service Commissioner for the compensation department Stephen Kiwanuka Kunsa (nine years).

Justice Margaret Tibulya of the Anti-Corruption Court found Kasango and the three officials guilty of diversion of funds, fraud, forgery, theft, and conspiracy to defraud government funds.

She ordered that in addition to the 16 years in jail, Kasango should also compensate the government sh5 billion. Lwamafa was also ordered to compensate the government 3 billion shillings.

Tibulya said that the court relied on the recorded evidence by John Keitirima, then a registrar at the Civil Division of the High Court and now a Judge of the High Court.

Keitirima told the court how Kasango allegedly asked him to help cover the forgeries so he can get money from the government.

The forged court documents included a bill of taxation and certificate of order purportedly issued by Charles Abola and 6,337 ex-servicemen who had sued the Government demanding their pension.

Lwamafa, Kunsa, and Obey are serving another jail sentence for diverting 88 Billion Shillings that was meant for payment of pensions.  Obey is serving 10 years, Lwamafa seven, and Kunsa five.

Meanwhile, Kasango has been described as one of the best lawyers ever, he was also an intellectual, a great poet, journalist, sports analyst, humanist, and a very kind and generous soul.

TheSpy Uganda has since learnt that on average, at least 15 inmates die in Luzira prison due to poor facilities.

Majority go unreported because they are not prominent in their communities which makes it easier for the authorities to conceal such reports. an accessible web community

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