TV Star Fabiola Too Tight  With Top Tourism Ministry Official

TV Star Fabiola Too Tight With Top Tourism Ministry Official

By Spy Reporter 


Socialite cum TV star Anita Fabiola is enjoying life like there is no tomorrow these days, after hooking up with a loaded, hunky, high ranking official at the Ministry of tourism. Our Spies at the Ministry reveal that ever since Fabiola replaced Miss World Africa Quin Abenakyo on the Tulambule Uganda team, life is all good for her.

This is because, according to Spies, she is getting everything she has ever wished for from the Ministry Official and what’s more is that she is accorded VIP treatment whenever she goes to any function organised by the Ministry or by the Uganda Tourism Board. It is said that even during the Tulambule Uganda tours that are meant to promote Uganda’s tourism, whenever Fabiola travels with the Team, the Ministry official ensures that she is given special treatment.

For instance, the two often share rides in his SUV, get to know each other’s hotel rooms and her per diem is actually more than that of other influencers like Gaetano Kagwa, Patrick Salvado or Moses Golola. So guys, if you bump into Fabiola cruising a posh ride one of these days, don’t wonder who bought it for her, just accept the fact that she is no longer an ordinary Ugandan. Actually, word has it that the ministry official even proposed that Fabiola gets private bodyguards to protect her from the roving hyenas in Kampala but she rejected them so as not to raise eyebrows! an accessible web community

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