TV Star Sabrina Snatches State House Aide’s Heart, Leaves Wife Shedding Tears

TV Star Sabrina Snatches State House Aide’s Heart, Leaves Wife Shedding Tears an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Sex-oozing NBS TV star Sabrina Agasha aka Brizzy is about to cause a Third World Love War in Kampala, after allegedly snatching the heart and State of Mind of a State House Aide identified as Jeff Rwakanuma, whose wife she has left shedding buckets of tears.

Our Spy reveals that Sabrina has become a point of focal-focus in the heart and mind of Rwakanuma so much so that they have left Karungi feeling so isolated and neglected.

Allen Karungi snooping on her Hubby’s phone

Spies close to Karungi reveal that after finding herself in such a difficult situation, instead of waging war against her adversary, she has instead opted to seek divine intervention by resorting to constant prayer and fellowships for solace and divine intervention.

Actually, one of her fellowship members intimated to our Spy that “If you meet Karungi at Kansanga Miracle Centre and you don’t know her, you might easily mistake her for one of the Assistant pastors, because she is there most of the times.

Jeff Rwakanuma and wife Allen Karungi at a function

At times she becomes so passionate during her prayers that she even sheds tears!” What is even worrying Karungi most,according to pals, is because Sabrina id very single and no man has come out to claim her as his own, which makes it even easier for to fraternise with city hunks like Rwakanuma.

Sexy Sabrina Agasha is so single!

It should be noted that Rwakanuma and Karungi have been married for several years although they are yet to produce a child together. But she has a son from her past relationship, according to her pals.

Watch this space as our Spies unearth more secrets about the Karungi-Rwakanuma+Sabrina saga!! an accessible web community

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