Two Uganda Airlines Passengers Arrested For Selling Nsenene On Flight Charged With ‘Public Nuisance’, To be Fined $1000!

Two Uganda Airlines Passengers Arrested For Selling Nsenene On Flight Charged With ‘Public Nuisance’, To be Fined $1000! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Entebbe: Two Passengers who were on Uganda Airlines flight from Entebbe to Dubai last Friday, caught on Camera selling grasshoppers were arrested on arrival on Sunday night. Mubiru Paul and Kiggundu Habib, our sources at the aviation police say the two were arrested for turning the aircraft into a bazaar and have been charged with ‘common nuisance’, an act likely to spread COVID-19.

The source also added that the two will be fined $1000 each as a deterrent and caution or face jail.

The two are phone accessories traders in town. They were up in the aisles of the Airbus A330 and apparently found some willing buyers for Masaka’s most favorite delicacy.

Meanwhile, the airline on Saturday, in a statement said they were also considering adding Nsenene on their menu,but which will be on request, and the difference between what Paul was doing from theirs will majorly be on proper packaging and presentation.

General Katumba Wamala, Uganda’s Minister of Works and Transport, whose ministry owns 50% of Uganda Airlines, ( Ministry of Finance owns the other 50%), was ‘roasted’ by social media pundits for ordering that the crew of the aircraft that allowed the duty free sales to take place be punished.

The airline has advised that the passengers aren’t permitted to sell goods during the boarding process of the aircraft. However “some of our customers enjoy Nsenene. Clearly the enterprising passengers selling the grasshoppers were meeting an unmet need! So Uganda Airlines is considering adding our menu for regional and international flights on request,” they said.

Buganda Kingdom premier is among those in support of having the delicacy on board. Infact,he wondered how the selling of the delicacy by Paul could create a storm in ‘a small cup of tea’ 🍵!

“I fail to understand the fuss about Paul Mubiru vending nseenene on a Uganda Airlines flight to Dubai. All airlines vend lots of things in-flight. I have witnessed passengers doing forex exchange transactions on board many times. It’s common to see passengers carry their own food onto the plane – which is cleared by the ground crew. Travelers on buses always vend food and other items. If the carrier disapproves of vending they should simply state so – otherwise those who bought the insects appreciate their taste. Mubiru could be adept at salesmanship. No need to stir up a storm in a tea cup. CPM” he posted on his Facebook. an accessible web community

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