Tycoon Bassajjabalaba In Hot Soup As NRM Diehards Petition Museveni To Kick Him Out Of Party Leadership

Tycoon Bassajjabalaba In Hot Soup As NRM Diehards Petition Museveni To Kick Him Out Of Party Leadership

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By Michael Atwakiire

Sheema: Money mogul Al-Hajji Hassan Bassajjabalaba dubbed Bushenyi district NRM Chairman is in hot soup after NRM diehards petitioned President Museveni seeking permission to allow them conduct a vote of no confidence against Bassajjabalaba accusing him of financing illegal activities against his party.

They add that he undermines elected NRM leaders like his brother Jafari Bassajjabalaba dubbed district LC5 chairman, by using his power as the district party chairman to fund activities censuring him.

Sheema NRM Leaders Petitioning Party Chairman Museveni. 

The petition seen by TheSpy Uganda dated August, 26 2020 issued to President Museveni the NRM party chairman by the diehards led by senior presidential advisor Yorokamu Bashaasha and some Sub county chairpersons read;


We the undersigned members of the National Resistance Movement in Bushenyi, aware of the history of our country and in particular the politics of division and hatred amongst our people in Bushenyi district caused by bad party politics of the past regimes.

Committed to consolidating the plight of our party as a champion of unity and political stability in the country and Bushenyi in particular and cognizant of the achievements made by the NRM government in promoting participation of citizens in the governance of our beautiful country Uganda.

Having observed that the core principles and values upon which our party stands are being eroded by the conduct and unbecoming behavior of the Bushenyi District Party Chairperson Al Hajj Hassan Basajjabalaba.

NRM Leaders Protesting With Posters Against Bassajjabalaba.

Further, we are aware that our party cherishes democracy and accords citizens the opportunity to participate in activities that enable them to choose their leaders in accordance with the party constitution and the laws of Uganda.

And having further witnessed the present various occurrences in which our district party chairperson undermines the party constitution.”

The leaders add that failure to play an impartial role during internal NRM party elections, Basajjabalaba as the Chairman NRM highly engaged in divisive politics likely to tear party people apart when he openly paraded, campaigned and imposed certain candidates on the electorate while discriminating other candidates on the similar position which is against NRM constitution rule 4 paragraphs (a) and (k).

“Disrespect for party leaders and candidates participating in party elections by using abusive language on some candidates with an example of incidence that occured on 22nd August 2020 at Kamukonko village, Buyanja parish in Kyeizooba Sub county, where he told told voters that one of the NRM candidates Annet Katusiime Mugisha didn’t study S.4 and even staked 100,000,000 Shs to whoever produces her results despite being a duly nominated candidate with the NRM Electoral commission.

However, in response to the petition, Bassajjabalaba said “That is rubbish those people who are saying all this ill to me, should first know that I’m the one who chaired the meeting that endorsed president Museveni as the party flag bearer,” asking that how could they foolishly tell people he didn’t endorse him.

Hassan Bassajjabalaba In Our Interview Responding To The Accusations.

Basajja added that he has never bribed voters as they accuse him. “The money they are talking about as bribes, i was fulfilling my pledges of 2016 where i pledged some money to each village that votes Museveni with 80% and above.”

To clear the air, Basajja revealed that Ms, Annet Katusiime Mugisha and her husband Mugisha Silver are the ones bribing voters via mobile money whom he says has continuously warned them but they refused to listen.

He also refuted allegations that he supports violence by recruiting hooligans to torture supporters of Katusiime adding that it is supporters of Karooro Okurut who were tortured and currently nursing wounds at KIU hospital Ishaka.

“I can’t support Katusiime who didn’t complete senior four, I advised her to get out of the race and she refused. I have already written to the president telling him how Silver Mugisha and his wife are bribing voters” Basajja said, adding “By the way those people you’re telling me that they petitioned Museveni, have no mandate to do so, therefore they are busy writing on water.”

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