Tycoon Lwasa Hooks Again! Dumps ‘Polluted’ Nabatanzi, Zahara Toto For Luwero’s Nutritious Candy Malaika

Tycoon Lwasa Hooks Again! Dumps ‘Polluted’ Nabatanzi, Zahara Toto For Luwero’s Nutritious Candy Malaika

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The entertainment and gossip industry was engulfed with another hottest news over the weekend after Masaka’s famous tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel hooked yet again another big fish after chewing almost every proud Kampala slut.

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Lwasa this time stepped out of the city’s polluted sumbi vendors and switched to Luwero in a bid to feed his ever-thirsty-cassava on a fresh bae whom you can refer to as a fresh vegetable since those of Kampala scented pollution according to him.

Of course, because he is heavily loaded financially, he didn’t find it hard to convince one Malaika Candy, commonly known as Candy Angel to turn him into her farm manager. She immediately accepted to offer to him her nutritious sumbi till death do them apart.

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About five months after knowing each other, Malaika could not wait to introduce her tycoon to her parents at their home in Luweero an event that was held over the weekend.

Just like it is said that “money beats gonza” literally meaning that “money eases anything hard”, beauteous Malaika could not dare say no to Lwasa even after knowing that the man is officially married to his seemingly ever-depressed wife with older children.

However, you should note that during a live NBS TV interview a week ago, Lwasa heaped praises on his housewife. Further, in the introduction of new bae Malaika, he asserted that he would not divorce his wife because he has everything it takes to look after as many women as he wishes to marry.

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Something notable still is that as we report this, BBS TV’s Diana Nabatanzi, NBS’ Zahara Toto among others are deeply depressed since it is reported that they have been chewed by Lwasa while promising them heaven and earth on top of marriage before dumping them for seemingly blessed Malaika whom he gifted a new Toyota Mark X on the introduction day.

Meanwhile, TheSpy Uganda has since learnt through its spies that Malaika is the ex-girlfriend of Galaxy FM’s presenter, Mr. Henrie, although we could not verify this, but leaving other factors constant, we wish the couple endless and fruitful bonking sessions!

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