Uganda Bans Labour Export to Oman Over Human Trafficking

Uganda Bans Labour Export to Oman Over Human Trafficking an accessible web community

By Ronaldo N. Kalangi

The government of Uganda has stopped the exportation of labour “Kyeyo”to Oman due gross harassment of foreign workers.

Speaking to TheSpy Uganda, Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Janat Mukwaya has revealed that government had to suspend the labour exportation to Oman over violation of migrant human rights.

“We have appointed a committee to probe all these inhuman acts against the Ugandans but per now all labour exportation is suspended,” she said.

Many Ugandans in Oman especially women hired as maids have been ill-treated and turned into sex slaves.

It has been established that most of the tortured Ugandans go with labour companies which are not regulated by Government that’s why it has been hard for authorities to rush for their rescue in Oman.

While speaking at the national symposium and expo on externalization of labour migration, minister Mukwaya said that government was going to engage some of the Omanis who have been in Uganda and abroad to easily trace and engage their government to stop human violations.

Minister Mukwaya added that a team of investigators will soon be dispatched to Muscat to help Uganda determine whether to terminate forever the export of Ugandans for jobs in Oman.

Permanent secretary in the ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development Mr. Pius Bigirimana urged all the labour exporting companies to follow set up government guidelines. an accessible web community

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