Ugandan Couple Burnt To Death In South Africa Over 40,000 Rand Debt

Ugandan Couple Burnt To Death In South Africa Over 40,000 Rand Debt an accessible web community

Johannesburg, South Africa: The police in  South  Africa have arrested a man who confessed to have burnt a Ugandan couple to death inside their apartment in Freestate Rustenburg, for failing to pay him money he had lent to them.

Juma Mutaasa the suspected killer

The suspected killer identified as JumaMutaasa allegedly hit Rita Nalwanga with an iron bar on the head and stabbed her hubby Joshua Mugisha with a kitchen knife, before pouring petrol on their bodies and setting them on fire. He fled the scene using one of the deceased’s cars but was later netted by the Ugandan community in South Africa, which handed him over to police. During interrogation,  the suspect confessed  that he killed the couple because they had refused to refund his money worth 40,000 Rand (about Shs14m) which he lent them last year.  He told the police that they called him to their place and promised to give him the money but he stayed with them for three days without seeing any dime, after which they told him to leave.  It is said that he pretended to have left but later returned in the night and asked them to allow him spend another night at their place, such that he would leave the next morning. They allowed him in and he used the opportunity to kill them both.

The South Africa Police are still conducting investigations into this gruesome murder and details about this developing story will follow soon. an accessible web community

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