Ugandans Are Tired Of Your Fraud: Pay Us Or Close Your Staggering Bank-DFCU Put On Red Notice As Mega Scandal Strikes Again!

Ugandans Are Tired Of Your Fraud: Pay Us Or Close Your Staggering Bank-DFCU Put On Red Notice As Mega Scandal Strikes Again! an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Development Finance Company of Uganda Bank Limited, commonly known as dfcu Bank, as we report this, is sitting on tentorhooks over its rot exposed by customers who have made mega losses over the bank’s alleged endless fraud.

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In the latest scandal,  Mr Kimera and his wife Mutayiza have rushed to court asking it to help rescue its millions swindled by the untrusted bank officials and on top of that, acting negligently on depositors’ funds ranking it the leading incompentent banking institition, a threat to tax payers money and a pure barrier to Uganda’s staggering economy.

According to court documents seen by Spy Ugands, it is alleged that Mutayiza in October this year at the dfcu bank branch in Entebbe was informed by the bank manager that her husband Kimera had withdrawn sh45m on October 17, 2019, and only sh95m was available on the account.

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However, the angry couple says in court documents that the bank staff fraudulently withdrew money from their account without their consent, knowledge, and approval, contrary to the law, instructions and fiduciary duties of the bank customer relationship for which the bank is liable for the loss.

The couple adds that despite being a fraudulent bank, it is an institution that doesn’t value or respect its customers after it was issued a notice of intention to sue and instead of intervening to settle the matter, the bank acted in “i don’t care, go die mechanism” hence ignoring the notice.

Therefore, the disappointed couple that has since joined a long list of ex-customers cursing dfcu over its dubious acts against poor Ugandans say they have suffered huge losses both financially and in their marrriage after Ms Mutayiza suspected her husband to have withdrawn the money as the bank had deceived her, which caused a rift and crack in their marriage as she instituted divorce proceedings against him.

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As a result, the plaintiffs seek both general and punitive damages of sh150m at an interest rate of 28% per annum, until payment in full, in addition of court ordering the bank to credit sh50m in total on the said account numbers with interest per the fixed deposit.

Meanwhile, the bank has responded that it has already received the complaint from their clients and that it is investigating the matter although the furious couple faults the bank for ignoring them at first and remembered to intervene long after matters reached court for redress, hence vowed not to withdraw the case unless they are paid.

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It’s not the first time the dfcu finds itself in this kind of ugly situation, mid this year, the bank employee in Ntinda was involved in fraud by siphoning a tune of about 10million from a client’s account. According to our sources in the bank, the employee transferred this money from the client’s account to her own account. This later was exposed by the client and immediately abandoned the bank after the incident. an accessible web community

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