UMC’s Obed Katureebe Arrested By CMI, Taken To Unknown Destination an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Reports landing on our desk, indicates that one of the senior officials at Uganda Media Centre (UMC) Obed Katureebe was Monday evening picked from his home in Kyanja by security officers from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

Family says since yesterday, Obed’s whereabouts remain unknown.

“We have not talked to him since yesterday,” said a family member, adding, “His known mobile cell phone is switched off.”

On thereother hand however, Obed’s boss, the Media Center Executive Director Ofwono Opondo told journalists when contacted for a comment that his employee is not arrested but rather under security protection.

Opondo reportedly said some “people were intent on harming him (Katureebe)”, emphasising, “He is with security; they are giving him protection.”

Opondo further said security had expressed hope that within five days, they will have “apprehended people who intended to harm him (Katureebe).

Asked if security shared with him details of those who planned to harm Katureebe, Opondo said that was a “confidential matter” of the security organs.

Meanwhile, it remains confusing for Ugandans who are now wondering that if he is under state protection why is military not allowing his family to speak to him or know his location. an accessible web community

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