Umeme’s Peter Kaujju Explains ‘Recovery’ Of Yaka Units

Umeme’s Peter Kaujju Explains ‘Recovery’ Of Yaka Units an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Uganda’s power distributor Umeme has reached out to customers about the recovery of electricity arrears for the benefits enjoyed by some customers in December 2020.

Peter Kaujju, the Head of Communications at Umeme, explained that in December 2020, some customers received more units (excess credit) than they paid for or were charged double standard service fees adding that the excess credit was or will be recovered during the March/April 2021 transactions, while those who were charged double standard service fee have or will be refunded in their next transactions.

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“All the affected customers will or have already been notified by SMS. All customers who were double charged standard service fee were refunded or will be refunded in their next transactions,”  Kaujju, said.

He further noted that Customers can access real-time information regarding their transactions (pre-paid token purchases and post-paid bills) from the Umeme mobile App adding that the utility body remains committed to providing customers with the best possible customer experience.

“Customers are advised to reach out to us through our known customer service channels in case of any other queries,” Kaujju said.

Kaujju also noted that Umeme has embarked on overdrive to redeem the network from energy losses occasioned by individuals stealing power and illegal connections across the country.

“We are going for electricity thieves because they are costing Government money yet people expect better services, the exercise kicked off in Kampala and is systematically rolling out  countryside,” he added an accessible web community

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