Unbelievable:   Radio Simba’s Omulangira Ndausi Quits Booze

Unbelievable: Radio Simba’s Omulangira Ndausi Quits Booze

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By Andrew Irumba

It is unbelievable but true that veteran radio presenter cum programmer Peter Ndaula aka Omulangira Ndausi Sub-woofer Kuki Wazabanga has finally quit boozing!

Our Spy reveals that after decades of guzzling gallons of booze so as to quench his relentless thirst,  Ndausi has finally given up the bottles and decided to live sober for  the rest of his life, while taking more water than ever before.

Ndausi, who has an undying love for Uganda Waragi, made the revelation which has shocked many of his booze brigade members, a few days ago during an interview with a local TV station.

He said he had decided to quit booze so as to live clean for the rest of his life and to avoid the problems that he has encountered during the years he has been tanking booze.

One of Ndausi’s longtime pals who can’t believe that he indeed quit booze told Spy Uganda that; “It’s hard to believe. I used to bump into him during  his heydays with Bebe Cool and team at Brown flats Bukoto, drinking drums of all tribes of alcohol.

It didn’t matter what type of alcohol as long as it was written on alcohol. When they deserted Bukoto flats they would invade Crested Towers in Town, Kibaati and Old Timers both along Minister’s Village Ntinda, where they would drink from dusk till dawn.”

He added that “During those days Omulangira Ndausi was the most sought after individual in the radio business, sketching and recording of audio adverts, plus organising and promoting  music concerts because of his unique style in voicing.”

Ndausi’s experience in radio programing and presenting spans over two decades and when he was at the top of his game, he groomed and promoted hundreds of musical talents and presenters in Uganda, including Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Chameleon to mention but a few.

Ndausi has directly or indirectly touched a very big percentage of radio and TV presentation in invaluable terms through training and inspiration.

“I remember him coming to Fort Portal in the 90s to open up the first ever FM station in the region-Voice of Tooro (VoT) courtesy of former Toro Premier John Sanyu Katuramu. He also helped him scout some talents to kick start the airwaves in the most unique way,” added one of his close pals who hails from Tooro.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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