Unearthed! Shocking Secrets About Fort Portal Mayor’s Office Sex Scandal Emerge

Unearthed! Shocking Secrets About Fort Portal Mayor’s Office Sex Scandal Emerge

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By Our Reporter

New shocking secrets about the scandal that has been doing rounds for the past few days, in which Fort Portal mayor Rev. Willy Muhanga Kintu Ateenyi was allegedly nabbed with a married woman identified as Martha Balya in his office have emerged.

It was reported that Rev. Muhanga was nabbed pants down with a married woman identified as Martha, by her hubby Amon Balya in the Mayor’s office. But a few days after the scandal, Balya suspiciously flew to the United Arab Emirates for ‘Kyeyo’, without filing any charges against Rev. Muhanga at police, and although the Rev. denied the allegations, claiming the whole thing was a set up by his political enemies who had used Balya, he also never filed any charges against him in his latest ‘Intention to sue’ paper work seen by this newspaper.

Now the latest updates on ground reveal how a deal was signed and sealed between Mayor Muhanga and Balya on the fateful day after the incident of the alleged office-bonking to cabbages of Balya’s wife.

Our Spy has chanced on a highly guarded secret deal that was entered into between Balya and the celebrated tourism city Casanova mayor of Fort Portal.

It is said that immediately after the incident, mayor, Balya, deputy Town Clerk and Fort Portal speaker Rt.Hon. Gilbert Kayondo held a meeting at Nyaika Hotel Boma for three hours, where they agreed upon the following;

1-That Balya be compensated with a certain amount of money to calm the situation. In fact that very night Balya went back Shs3m richer than he’d gone! The rest was to be paid in installments. They added him more undisclosed amounts of money the following morning which he used to travel to Kampala to finalise his travel expenses to Dubai, where he is currently.

2-He had to leave Fort portal and stay in Kampala to avoid media attention and not to talk to the media.

3-He also had to forgive his wife and not chase her; so as to avoid cementing the Mayor’s guilt. As you read this Balya is Dubai but his wife Martha is staying with his mother in Nyabukara as agreed.

Other sources told this reporter that Mayor and Martha have been lovebirds for a long time although on the fateful day, it’s true they were not caught in the act but just found them together in his office seated. However, Balya had no other ‘opportunity’ to blow up than this.

Our efforts to contact Mayor Muhanga about these shocking allegations were however futile because he couldn’t be readily got on his known mobile phone lines.

Watch this space for details!

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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