UPDF Finally Torn Apart: Swords Out As Two Updf ‘Top Commanders’ Fight Over Sexy Wamahoro!

UPDF Finally Torn Apart: Swords Out As Two Updf ‘Top Commanders’ Fight Over Sexy Wamahoro!

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By Andrew Irumba and Benson Tumusiime

A bitter war of ‘love gone bad’ similar to the love story of the Titans that could leave the Army top honchos  more split than ever before is finally here! Yes, Kony,ADF,Al-shabarb,Lakwena etc left UPDF intact, but  never joke with man’s only ONE thing- wife! All world’s most feared generals like the Biblical Samson have been brought down not by money per say, but mainly due to failure to handle love-life.

Some of the strong letters exchanged between the two via their lawyers Ojok and Akampurira Advocates accusing each other.

Two Uganda People’s defense forces (UPDF) war hardened top officials are in bitter split over a sexy oozing babe rumored to be of Rwandan origin identified as Kansiime Mercy Wamahoro.

Our reporter can exclusively reveal that Maj.Gerald Bamwitirebye and Lt.Col.Deo Asiimwe Akiiki, both officers of UPDF are in ‘a world war 111’ mode,only awaiting final whistle, each claiming full rights over Kansiime’s ‘gifted by nature’ goodies.

According to legal documents obtained by our SpyUganda reporters , Maj.Gerald Bamwitirebye has placed a caveat blocking the wedding plans of UPDF’s deputy mouthpiece Deo Akiiki with his newly found love Kansiime Mercy Wamahoro at Our Lady of Africa Church-Mbuya, alleging that the said gorgeous babe (Wamahoro) was legally married to him (Gerald) under customary marriage on 11th May 2012 in Rubaare, Ntungamo District and even bare two issues (children) together.

“We act for and on behalf of Maj.Gerald Bamwitirebye and on whose behalf we enter this caveat forbidding the intending marriage between Lt.Col.Deo Akiiki Asimwe and Kansime Mercy aka Wamahoro. We are aware that the above adult male and female persons are intending to celebrate a church marriage in your church (Our Lady of Africa Church-Mbuya)and have already put up notices of marriage to that effect, having already performed the introduction ceremony.

We would like to put to your notice that the said Kansiime Mercy Wamahoro is already legally married to our client (Maj.Gerald)through a valid existing customary marriage which was celebrated at the home of the parents to the said Kansiime Mercy Wamahoro on 11th November 2012 at Rubaare, Ntungamo District,and besides,the said Lt.Col.Deo Akiiki is also customarily  married to another woman by the names of L/CPL Takoberwa Sarah,also a UPDF officer, whom he is abandoning” read Gerald’s caveat dated May 25th 2018 copied to the Church leadership.

Gerald also warned the church of serious consequences should they go ahead and conduct the marriage ceremony. “We would also like to warn you that should you go ahead to celebrate, perform or witness this illegal marriage, you would personally have committed an offense under the marriage Act, for this reason the caveat also serves as a NOTICE of Intention to sue the three of you” read part of Gerald’s strongly worded letter to Mbuya catholic Church through his lawyer Ojok Advocate.

Deo,Kansiime Responds:

In their joint response through their lawyers; Akampurira & Partners and Denis Nyombi & Co.Advocates, with love painted all over their faces,rubbished claims that Gerald ever legally married the said Mercy Wamahoro.Infact, Mercy revealed that she has been single for over four years after Maj.Gerald failed to fulfill the required customary obligations as asked by her parents,there by abandoning her and hooking another woman with whom he has been painting Kampala city red for over four yrs now.

Sounding rather very disappointed, the gorgeous Mercy wonders why Maj.Gerald is now acting with malice and jealous when she has decided to move on,just like he did over four years ago.


“We represent the above named clients jointly with Denis Nyombi & Co.Advocates who have placed into our hands your letter dated May 25th 2018 regarding their pending Church marriage. We’re instructed to respond as follows;

That your client indeed expressed interest in getting married to our client Kansiime Mercy Wamahoro sometime in 2012 but failed or refused to comply with customary requirements and consequently never obtained parental consent both of which are essential requirements under the law. As a result of the above,there was no legal customary or civil marriage then or now or atall and therefore,the question of there being subsisting marriage between our clients and yours doesn’t arise.

We have also perused a complaint filed against our client Lt.Col. Deogratius Akiiki Asimwe to the UPDF leadership.The allegations contained therein are unsubstantiated, baseless and malicious. Consequently, the Army leadership dismissed them as lacking in merit” read in part Deo and Mercy’s response to Gerald.

The ‘couple’ continued to warn the ‘cantankerous’ Gerald who is now acting like a wounded lion that he risks being dragged to court if he continues maligning their hard earned names and reputation. “You have lived separately from Mercy Kansiime for over four years and your actions are not only illogical but actuated by malice and jealous. Note that our client (Deo Akiiki)is a senior and disciplined Army officer who has served the UPDF and the country with diligence and distinction. Our clients have noted that you’ve circulated falsehoods in the print and electronic media with a view of tarnishing the image of UPDF and our clients. STAND WARNED that our clients have instructed us to demand that you desist from fabricating false accusations against them. If you persist, our clients will not hesitate to take legal action against you. We also wish to make it categorically clear to you, that our clients solemnization of their marriage will proceed as scheduled as there is no legal or other impediment to stop them from doing so”

Watch out for the next updates on this story….

Bitter Documents exchanges between the clients through their lawyers…..Read

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