Ura closes down Parambot Breweries over Ugx 9B un paid Taxes

Ura closes down Parambot Breweries over Ugx 9B un paid Taxes

By Peter Ssebulime

Gayaaza: The Uganda revenue Authority on Wednesday closed down Parambot breweries limited located in Kitetikka Gayaaza over non payment of taxes amounting to Ugx 9.2 billion.

According to Stanley Kabyemera the head of legal department in charge of Debt collection in Uganda revenue authority, these taxes accumulated from pay as you earn, income tax arrears, local excise duty, and Vat.

A URA staff place pad locks on production section

According to Stanley, the Gayaaza based bitter liquor processors were given ample time to clear up but became adamant calling for their hard position of closing it down. “We had reached an agreement of paying in installments in 2014, but since then they haven’t paid any single coin, we can’t allow them go on with production” added Mr.Stanley.

He added that the company management requested for some time to sort out the debts, which time frame Ura granted but again it failed to comply letting the tax debt accumulate toUgx 9.2 billion.

“We have locked up their office premises and the factory that produces the spirits until they come to our offices and solve the problem, but they must clear the debt to continue with production” Stanley noted while putting padlocks unto the company’s production section.

URA’s Stanley Kabyemera lead the team to close down the company on Wed.

Parambot Breweries are the proud producers of Moon Berg Larger which is their main brand, Royal vodka,Royal Whisky,Royal Gin among others.

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