US Backs UK, Slaps Kenya With Travel Advisory Over Failure To Control Virus

US Backs UK, Slaps Kenya With Travel Advisory Over Failure To Control Virus an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

The United States has advised its citizens against travelling to Kenya over Covid-19.

An advisory published on Wednesday advised travelers to read through the State’s Covid-19 page before making international travel.

Officials appraised US citizens of the current strict virus containment measures in Kenya.

“Internal flights are restricted, and road and rail transportation are limited geographically and by curfew,” the US Department of State said.

Travelers have been cautioned that even though most businesses are operating, significant restrictions have been put on the dining and entertainment sector.

The advisory comes following a row over a Covid-19 travel ban between Kenya and the United Kingdom.

On Saturday, Kenya hit back after the UK banned visitors from Kenya because of its high rate of Covid-19 infections. Kenya retaliated, banning visitors from the UK.

Kenya’s Foreign Affairs ministry, however, said on Wednesday that a joint committee would be established with the UK to discuss the way forward on travel.

The UK had on Friday last week put Kenya on the ‘Red List’, saying it had established  the lethal South African coronavirus variant is spreading locally.

The listing effectively banned Kenyans or anybody transiting through Kenyan airports from setting foot in the UK starting on April 9

On Sunday, Kenya responded in equal measure, banning passenger flights originating or transiting through the UK airports.

In addition, passengers from the UK will be required to produce negative Covid-19 certificates and valid Covid-19 vaccine certifications.

“All UK government officials and diplomats must have a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate and a valid Covid-19 negative PCR test certificate to enter Kenya,” Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

Kenya only exempted cargo flights from the ban but said crew members must  present a both a vaccination certificate and a negative PCR certificate. an accessible web community

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