US Elections: Biden On Hunt For Only 4 Votes To Become President As Trump Cries Foul Over ‘Fraud’

US Elections: Biden On Hunt For Only 4 Votes To Become President As Trump Cries Foul Over ‘Fraud’ an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda Correspondent 

New York: According to reports, Biden so far has secured 264 electoral votes after winning the states of Michigan and Arizona. Trump has 214 electoral votes. The magic number a candidate needs to be declared the winner is 270.

This year, tens of millions of Americans cast their votes via mail due to the coronavirus pandemic. Addressing the issue, President Donald Trump has repeatedly called into question the trustworthiness of mail-in ballots. On Wednesday, his campaign filed lawsuits in Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, citing alleged electoral violations.

A Biden win would see Mr Trump leave office in January after four years.

As counting enters its fifth day, it is still unclear when the contest will end.

Officials are tallying up record numbers of postal votes due to the coronavirus pandemic, causing the longest delay to a presidential election result in 20 years.

What did Biden say?

“We’re going to win this race,” Mr Biden told supporters in Wilmington, Delaware, on Friday night, striking a confident tone. He was joined by his running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris.

He said he was on track to win more than 300 Electoral College votes and pointed out that more people had voted for his campaign – over 74 million people – than any US presidential candidate in history.

Mr Biden said Americans had given him a mandate to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, the struggling economy, climate change and systemic racism. On Friday for the third straight day the US set a fresh record for new Covid-19 cases, with more than 127,000 infections.

The Democrat – presenting himself as the candidate of unity after a bitterly fought campaign – said it was time to “get the vitriol out of our politics” and “be civil to one another”.

“We may be opponents but we’re not enemies, we’re Americans,” said Mr Biden, who did not mention his Republican opponent, Mr Trump.

Mr Biden’s appearance had originally been planned as a victory speech, but he opted instead to give a general update on the state of the race as US TV networks cautiously held off declaring him the winner.

The Democrat said he hoped to address the nation again on Saturday. an accessible web community

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