US In ‘Indirect War’ With Russia-Says Putin After Zelensky Trip

US In ‘Indirect War’ With Russia-Says Putin After Zelensky Trip an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Increased arms shipments to Ukraine and President Joe Biden’s high-profile VIP welcome for its leader showed the US was in an “indirect war” with Russia, the Kremlin said on Thursday.

The US and Ukraine were turning a deaf ear to Russian concerns, the Kremlin said after Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s historic trip to Washington, the first by the wartime leader.

The visit, months in the planning, came as the US announced it was sending Patriot surface-to-air missiles as part of its biggest commitment to Ukraine to date.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “We can say with regret that so far neither President Biden nor President Zelenskyy have said even a few words that could be perceived as potential readiness to listen to Russia’s concerns.

“Not a single word was heard warning Zelenskyy against the continued shelling of residential buildings in towns and villages in Donbas and there were no real calls for peace.

“This suggests that the United States is continuing its line of de facto fighting an indirect war with Russia to the last Ukrainian.”

Russia would target the Patriot air-defence system that the US has pledged to send to Ukraine, Peskov said.

Despite the US and other allies “constantly expanding the range and raising the technical level” of weapons supplied to Ukraine, the Russian military will not be deterred from achieving its goals, he said.

Zelenskyy enjoyed a hero’s welcome in Washington where Biden committed nearly $1.8 billion in military supplies including, for the first time, the Patriot missile defence system.

It was the Ukrainian leader’s first known trip outside his homeland since Russia invaded on February 24.

During an October summit in Zagreb, Croatia, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed with the Ukrainian parliamentary officials the prospect of Zelenskyy addressing the US Congress.

Biden administration officials had also talked for months about a White House visit, hoping it would send an unmistakable signal of support.

Wearing his signature green combat fatigues, Zelenskyy thanked Biden, Congress and ordinary Americans for financing Ukraine’s war effort.

“I came here to the United States to … thank the people of America, people who do so much for Ukraine. I am thankful for all of this,” Zelenskyy said.

He went to Capitol Hill to address Congress, where he petitioned for increased support as Republicans prepare to take over the House of Representatives next year. an accessible web community

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