‘Use Your Tongues To Discipline Women, Not Sticks’-Museveni Tells Ugandan Men

‘Use Your Tongues To Discipline Women, Not Sticks’-Museveni Tells Ugandan Men

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By Spy Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni has urged men to use tongues when disciplining  their women, instead of  using sticks on them.

Museveni made the remarks during the national celebrations for the International Women’s Day, which were held in Mbale district.

President Yoweri Museveni launches Spotlight Initiative project as Mama Janet Kataha Museveni and Gendee minister Frank Tumwebaze look on

The President said that “Presided over the International women`s day celebrations at Malukhu Administration Grounds, Mbale District. I have also launched a program dubbed “spotlight initiative” supported by the EU and UN aimed at eliminating gender based violence.”

Some of the women soldiers serving in the UPDF

Museveni also noted that; “Women are the base of society. Old societies decided to marginalize and suppress them. This has since changed with the recruitment of women in the armed forces since 1986 by the NRA.

Female Uganda Police Officers march during Women’s Day celebrations in Mbale district

I salute all the women here and countrywide on this day when we celebrate the dignity and power of women. In my view, the major enabler to women empowerment is through economic emancipation.”

Female Uganda Prisons Officers marching in Mbale district

The Fountain of Honour noted that “A scenario where the husband is the sole bread winner, the wife will hesitate to report a case of abuse to police because once he is put away, her thoughts are on how she will survive.

In order to eliminate the girl child economic dependency, we shall increase funding to the women and youth through OWEC (Operation wealth creation). In terms of sensitisation, we should tell the men that beating a woman is cowardly. Why do you beat a woman who is weaker than you? If you want to fight please look for a fellow man.”

He added “I have been with Mama Janet for 47 years & have never even pushed her. You can use your tongue to lash, it is at least better than beating!” 

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