UWA Staff Baby Dies Over Food-Choke!

UWA Staff Baby Dies Over Food-Choke!

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By Spy Uganda Reporter

Joan Ninsiima, a staff of Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA) and Glen Karamagi formerly a sports guru as state owned Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) will take long to forget the agony that befell them on 18th January 2019 as they lost their two year old Field Kaboyo to food-chocking,and not popcorn but soft munched matooke with milk.

The bad incident happened on 18 January after the house helper fed Kaboyo breakfast but got choked and started coughing seriously and later became unconscious. The maid then called his mother Ninsiima Joan who had gone for work in her new station at Kagera game reserve, who then rushed home, but unfortunately by the time she reached to the nearest health facility the boy breathed his last along the way.

Kaboyo’s parents Glen Karamagi and Joan Ninsiima lay a wreath at their son on Saturday.

The doctor at the health facility in Ibanda Town said the boy died because the food went through a wrong path and eventually blocked his breathing ability leading to his sudden death.

His mother, who works with UWA had just been transferred by her bosses from Headquarters in Kampala to take up anew task at Kagera game reserve and she had just shifted on Tuesday last week.

A close family friend revealed that Kaboyo was last year in November admitted in a health facility in Nansana, a Kampala suburb for two weeks after he contracted an infection but got better and has since been very fine, but was shocked to hear the sad news of his demise.

His father Glen Karamagi who is currently the head of Public relations at Home Bet Uganda told mourners that the boy was named ‘field’ because he was born in the field as his mother was in the game park working.

Kaboyo was born in a health facility in the game reserve as his mother was busy working. He was so beautiful that as soon as he was born, many nurses and doctors started carrying him non-stop and eventually caught cold and first ‘died’,he was resuscitated with ‘electric shocks’ to come back to life,” he revealed.

While eulogizing the deceased, Spy Uganda’s CEO Andrew Irumba who is a close family friend likened Kaboyo’s demise to late Gen. James Kazini’s who won several life threatening frontline battles but died in the hands of a ‘meagre’ woman, Lydia Draru who allegedly hit him with an iron bar.

Kaboyo’s remains were laid to rest at their ancestral home in Kiboha village, Kabarole district.

The bereaved family was escorted by relatives, friends and in-laws who included the UWA management team led by Margaret Kasumba, who read their written condolence message which included Shs 1million contribution towards the burial arrangements. RIP Kaboyo.

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