Video! Mother Distracts Pupils’ Class As She Mistakenly Walks Into Her Son’s Zoom Naked

Video! Mother Distracts Pupils’ Class As She Mistakenly Walks Into Her Son’s Zoom Naked an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Drama shall never cease! a mother accidentally flashed her son’s Zoom class when she strolled into the frame of his live video call completely naked.

The 14-second clip that has been circulating online shows a young boy named Tayvion pointing at something behind him. A few seconds later, a woman who appears to be his mother walks into the room nude looking for something.

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The teacher is in the middle of it trying to get a sleeping student’s attention, but once she sees the woman naked, she switches gears and yells at Tayvion to turn his camera off.

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Once the mom realizes she has been caught on camera, she quickly runs away, leaving the teacher and students (at least the ones who were awake) in shock.

The Twitter account Young Simba shared the video on Sunday, writing: ‘Abolish Zoom classes man.’

The clip has been viewed more than 5.5 million times, and many people thought the footage, particularly the expression on the boy’s face, was hilarious.

‘He’s like ah s** granny not again,’ one person joked. ‘I told you to watch out when I’m on da Zoom.’

‘I can’t stop laughing at this,’ another added.

Others were amused by the student who was fast asleep during the class, with one person tweeting: ‘LMAOO whoever this is he is knocked out.’

While many people found the entire situation comical, there were some who thought it was inappropriate and even sad.

‘I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t think it’s funny,’ one person wrote. ‘He is too old for her to be walking around naked!! If that was a little girl with her dad nobody would be laughing smh.’

‘Thank you the rest of these people are sick. Nobody should walk around naked in front of their kids. It’s not NORMAL!!!’ someone else agreed.

‘I feel sorry for these kids…some are not getting the proper teacher attention they need because their household is a mess…lack of parent support…school is not a daycare you have to be involved in your child/ren,’ another commented.

The comments sparked a debate about whether or not it’s appropriate for parents to be naked in front of their children.

‘Kids come out of their mothers naked and parents have to see them naked all the time,’ one person hit back.

‘There’s nothing wrong with a parent being naked if it’s nonsexual. Some ppl don’t have the space to change in various rooms b/c they only have one room.’

‘Different strokes for different folks. Apparently, this is one of them,’ another. wrote. ‘I just think it’s different for mothers.

‘Maybe you should ask your mother about your experience at 8. I’m sure you did cross her path of nudity,”. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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