Video:God’s Plan Secretly Dumps Sheila, Replaces Her Immediately With Hottest Babe

Video:God’s Plan Secretly Dumps Sheila, Replaces Her Immediately With Hottest Babe an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Just after a few months top notch of showbiz, however, the two love birds sheila and Marcus Lwanga aka God’s plan seem to have secretly and suddenly called it quits.

This, after Sheila’s lover man, God’s Plan showed-off a yet to be identified hottest chic on his social media platform, who by look of things, could be Sheilah’s perfect replacement, something that has left the couple’s fans wondering how the once booming relationship could perish swiftly to that extent in just months.

As we all know that ever since the couple’s relationship germinated earlier this year, their social media platforms were engulfed with their photos. However, last week,Sheilah and God’s Plan’s relationship hit a dead end after both erased each other’s photos on Instagram.

Supplementarily, Sheilah allegedly went ahead on social media through a suedo account and revealed her intentions of erasing God’s Plan’s tattoo off her back. How can one erase a tattoo, any recommendations?” Sheilah apparently wrote on her suedo Twitter account.

Gathering more evidence from the self-proclaimed power couple’s decaying affair, the pencil-thin digital influencer has over the weekend shared her time off moments at Lake Bunyonyi, Kabale together with close friend, Zahara Totto.

After Sheila showing off enjoying moments with Zahara in Kabale, God’s Plan also glanced a video clip cheerfully taking-off the Europa Semi-finals match with the new hottest babe on Sunday night at Levels Lounge opp.Uganda measuem, miles away from Sheila who was in Kabale at that time. That’s rare moment in the couple’s life, because they’ve been always together.

Sheilah Gashumba and God’s plan recently launched a TV show dubbed Gash and Godz Plan Lounge on tycoon Mbuga’s STV and on their Facebook page. The show attracted millions of viewers in just minutes, which means it was successful idea which they needed to continue with. But ever since last two weeks when they hosted singer Angella Katatumba and Socialite Zari, the show has been on halt something that has also raised questions to their fans and some predicted that it could be the fall of their relationship that has since cracked down the show.

However, in our interaction with one of the friends close to Sheilah who preferred anonymity, claimed that the show has since failed to attract sponsors however much she has been seriously looking for companies to come on board and advertise in her show.

“Sheilah thought it would be a good landing for her but things are going in a different direction. She has failed to land sponsors for the show as she had anticipated, ” insider source claimed. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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