VIDEO:Heartbroken Zahara Serves Her Things To ‘Backup’ Hubby After Tycoon Solo’s Sudden Dump

VIDEO:Heartbroken Zahara Serves Her Things To ‘Backup’ Hubby After Tycoon Solo’s Sudden Dump an accessible web community

Toto took her new hubby to her social media in-laws for introduction as a norm for slay queens now days, where she posted kissing her hubby and later posted his photo and captioned it,“My big paapa.”

Since the famous entertainment TV personality is well known for flirting with upcoming artistes, politicians and wealthy men with valuables, this time her social media fans (in-laws) looked dissatisfied with her new hubby whom they judged to be as broke as a church mouse.

However, some of her fans were happy with the new hubby and refuted judgments that he is broke revealing that Zahara can’t love a broke hubby based on her past experiences of hanging out with Bryan White, Promoter Kampala, Don Bahati and upcoming musician Prince Omar and many others whom they say, dumped her because of her thirsty not for love but money.

Before being dumped by Don Solo, the two exchanged unpleasant words on different social media platforms where Toto nicknamed Solo all tribes of immoral names, among them; a womanizer, a fraudster and more and others which we can’t even write here.

Zahara accused Solo of bonking social media chicks whom she nicknamed ‘sluts’ on the same bed they sleep on together.

Toto said in a series of posts that contradicted to what her fans thought, that she had not been getting any coin from Don Solo, adding that he was a fraudster and a dishonest man despite the recent recorded audio where she was heard pleading ‘fraudster’ to not dump her.

Not only that but It can also be recalled that Solo gifted her with a BMW Benz last year though many revealed that it wasn’t new and was faked with a private/personalized number plate. The two had been on and off till finally Solo called it a quit. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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