Vote Kibaaju Because She Is A Good Chef Not Seasoned Politician-Museveni

Vote Kibaaju Because She Is A Good Chef Not Seasoned Politician-Museveni an accessible web community

By Micheal Bitunga

Campaigning for NRM flag bearer MP Sheema North constituency Ms Naome Kibaaju in Masheruka and Kakindo town councils, President Museveni asked voters to forgive Kibaaju for her few words because she isn’t a politician by nature but a good chef.

“She hasn’t been in politics and therefore she is not a politician but what I know about her, if you put her behind in the kitchen, she can prepare for you the best dish and you appreciate. That’s why she doesn’t talk much like other politicians who usually lie to you.
This girl Kibaaju isn’t old as some of you claim but I think it’s because women grow older faster, I taught her in Bweranyangyi primary school in 1965 when I was in senior four vacation, and after I went to the bush. But when I came from there, I found all ministries were full of thieves, Kibaaju was my first choice to help me and we chased those thieves and since then she has been in defense ministry up to when she decided to represent you. So if she decided to join politics, I request you to give her votes abundantly,” said Mr Museveni.

NRM’s Kibaaju

President asked Sheema North people never at one time to fear those who put on red T-shirts whom he called cowards. Because for them they fight theoretically but when It reaches time for going in battle fields, they run away before even one police man comes near to them.
“Their aim is to disrupt our peace but they don’t have that capability to do so, leave them for us, we shall handle them as the law says,” he said.

FDC’s Guma

Although everybody was eagerly waiting to hear what Museveni was to talk about his former RDC Mitooma district Mr Guma Nuwagaba Betikura who recently joined FDC, Museveni didn’t even mention his name nor did he say anything related to him. This left many people wondering what could be behind Museveni’s silence about Guma. an accessible web community

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