Put Your Greed For Money A Side & Fight Homosexuality: Kabuleta Fumes At Gov’t For Its Slow Action Against Gayism

Put Your Greed For Money A Side & Fight Homosexuality: Kabuleta Fumes At Gov’t For Its Slow Action Against Gayism

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By Spy Uganda 

During his weekly press address, National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) president furiously blamed the government for doing nothing about the rampant immoral acts of homosexuality in the country.

Kabuleta said president Museveni can not sign the homosexual bill into law saying his interests are not in mending society but rather in how to keep himself in power.

“There are people who are not talking, but they are acting and their actions are going to change this society and we shall find ourselves in big trouble,” he adds.

NEED president said when he saw Kenya legalizing homosexuality after being given USD 16bn, he knew Uganda was in big trouble because with that money Museveni can make homosexuality mandatory in Uganda.

“As soon as I saw USD 16bn I knew we were in trouble because Museveni at 3bn can legalize homosexuality,” Kabuleta said.

“The people who are protecting homosexuality, are hygiene behind human rights, but the people who are spreading the vice to schools and pay money to people,” Kabuleta revealed.

He gave an example of a 9-year-old boy in Busoga whom they recruited and he also recruited over 200 people into homosexuality an act that was not in the city but in the villages of Busoga. He added that this boy at the age of 15 had two cars and stopped going to school because he was fully employed by the ‘homos’.

“They are going down to villages using money to completely arbitrate our society with young boys who will grow up tomorrow and you don’t know where they got these habits from,” Kabuleta.

Kabuleta called those who call homosexuality human rights ‘fools’ and unfortunately these people recruit young boys and girls. He adds that they connive with the headmasters of these schools and make termly reports for these recruited boys blindfolding their parents that their kids study yet they don’t.

“Those who call homo Human rights, I wish your sons tomorrow come with a fellow boy saying he’s his girlfriend that’s when you will know that we have a culture in this country,” Kabuleta.

He revealed that the rate of suicide among homosexuals is almost 10 times or even more because it’s a silly practice.

“That practice is against everything that is natural,” Kabuleta explained.

Kabuleta further explained that the people who are up against African norms use a lot of money and take an advantage of the societies being fragile because of poverty. ”When you get these people coming with their money, they can simply recruit our boys because of their money.”

He called for everyone’s involvement in the fight against this vice because we are religious, cultural, and family people who believe in having families.

He condemned corrupt people who give room for everything that will make Ugandans regret with time for not giving this evil practice attention in the first place.

Speaking about the party’s ideology, Joseph Kabuleta revealed their political direction branded “intelligent politics” which he says is catching on and can not be stopped. Kabuleta said that their plan is to treat Ugandans like intelligent people.

Kabuleta vowed to continue spreading their gospel of “money in your pocket” which everyone understands and which he believes NEED will succeed at. “NEED is not here to be in opposition, rather it’s here to be in power.” Kabuleta boldly told journalists.

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