Wakiso District Backs Kabaka On Kigo Land Saga, Declines To Support Ham’s Boundary Opening Proposal

Wakiso District Backs Kabaka On Kigo Land Saga, Declines To Support Ham’s Boundary Opening Proposal

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By Spy Uganda

Wakiso district officials have backed Buganda Kingdom on the contested Kigo Land that is claimed by businessman Ham Kiggundu through his company of Kiham Enterprises Uganda Limited.

Since this saga started, Ham has been pushing for boundary reopening noting that this is the only way to resolve the deadlock on this land. However, Wakiso District officials have since noted that they can’t open boundaries for a nonexistent lease since Ham has no land on the ground.

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The said land is situated between Serena-Kigo and Mirembe Villas land, off Munyonyo Spur Road, and extends inwards sharing common boundaries with Serena-Kigo, Mirembe Villas and the Lake.

According to one of the letters our snoop has landed on in which the District Senior Land Management Officer Kasozi Gilbert was responding to District Senior Registerer of Titles Ms Nabuuma Janat on the authenticity of the minutes and the corresponding documents that gave rise to the registration of this land, Kasozi says everything was fraudulently done.

He says, ”I wish to advise you that according to available records the said minute is fictitious and non existent. I hasten to add that upon perusal of the attached documents the following anomalies were discovered:

The signature of the Senior Land Management Officer on both the purported offer and forwarding letter were forged and so were the signatures of the Chairperson and Secretary District Land Board: not to mention the irregularities therein.

The recommendation of the Area Land Committee and all related documentation were all a creation of fiction.

Whereas the application was purportedly processed by Kajansi Town Council Area Land Committee it ought to have been processed by Makindye – Ssabagabo Area Land Committee, since the land is located there.

I have equally consulted the person who purportedly signed as Area Land Committee members and the trio has denied ever authoring any documentation in respect of the above land.

Click & Read Wakiso District Responses On This Saga

I accordingly ądvise that you to take the necessary remedial action to purge the register of the high handed fraud.”

Not only that but also we have landed on another letter written by lawyers of Pearl Development Group Limited, Sebalu & Luke advocates complaining about the encroachment of Ham on their land.

The letter partially reads,”Our client has gotten to see a title created out of a swamp areas forming part of its land title in Plot 23041 Block 273 formerly Plot 4839 land at Kigo and an area forming a storm water channel for UNRA, Mirembe Villas and our client.

The titles Plot 23977, 23976, 23975 and 21974 originate from A forged and fraudulently procured title Plot 23720 who deed plan was created in August 2020 but which encroached our client’s and on Plot 4839 now Plot 23041.”

A search at Wakiso District Land Board and Wakiso Land office has revealed that all documents and approvals forming the basis of issuance of title plots 23974, 23975, 23976, 23977 out of Plot 23720 in the names of Kiham Enterprises Limited of P.0. Box 8303 Kampala were illegally procured and forgeries.

Key signatures of officers used to issue the titles were forged and officers whose signatures were forged who disassociate themselves from the titles issuing process can be requested to give their statements to that effect.”

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The letter adds, ”This letter serves as a complaint to the creation of titles in a fraudulent manner with a view to steal and encroach on land to the detriment of our client’s Project development and efforts to create a unique project in this area.”

In response to the above the district Chief Administrative Officer actually ‘stamped’ into the above allegations noting that the entire land registration process was done in a fraudulent manner and was initiated by Ministry Zonal Office without involvement of District Land Board.

CAO’s Response

”This forgery was orchestrated by elements with in the Ministry Zonal Office without the involvement of the District Land Board at all. The purported documents from the District Land Board were all fiction,” CAO responded.

Click & Read Wakiso District Responses On This Saga

Meanwhile, these come few months after Kiggundu publicly declared that he had given up on the land to avoid confrontation with the Kabaka of Buganda but later bounced back claiming that he is the rightful owner of this land.

‘‘I acquired the said land from Wakiso District Land Board on public titled land tenure and I was given titles. Buganda Land Board (BLB) claim is on milo tenure then why is BLB opposed to boundary opening to simply draw a line between public Land and milo Land. I proposed to make a joint survey but Buganda Land Board is hesitant. I can’t stand to be seen as fighting with Buganda,” Kiggundu said then but today, its a different story.

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