Want To Become Successful Goat Farmer? Here Is What To Consider Before Setting Up Your Farm

Want To Become Successful Goat Farmer? Here Is What To Consider Before Setting Up Your Farm

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Kampala: Though, goat farming is not a new enterprise. It is becoming very popular day by day due to its high demand and good economic prospects. Rearing goats has always been a profitable business. Goats are being reared for a very long time for the purpose of harvesting milk, meat and fiber.

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But the most profitable method which is gaining momentum for the past few years is commercial goat farming. Hence, many producers are thinking to establish a commercial goat farming business, as goats are among the main meat & milk-producing animals. In this article, we inform you how can you set up your own profitable commercial goat farm and earn good money from it as summarized below.How Can You Set-up Your Own Commercial Goat Farm?1. Right Location

The first step is to select a suitable place to set up a commercial farm. You must ensure that your selected location has all types of facilities for goats. There must be a good source of clean and fresh water. Set up a tubewell, pond or any other type of water reservoir. Choose the farm located near villages, so that you can get the labour for your farm easily and cheaply.

A good transportation system plays a vital role while selecting land for farms. It will help you to keep good relation with your nearest market and other sources. Establishing farms, far from naxalite areas will be a better option.

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Make sure that the location is chaotic, noise and pollution-free and veterinary service is nearby available. Goats require grazing place. So, determine whether you can make a pasture or not.

2. Choose Right Products

First, determine whether goat meat or milk has a great demand in your local area. Then, depending on the more demand, you should start a commercial dairy goat farm. If your location has sufficient facilities for marketing your products internationally, then you can establish a goat farm for producing any type of product. But for commercial purposes, you must establish a meat or dairy goat farm which will give you more profit.

3. Breeds

Select the proper goat breeds for your commercial farm. There are numerous breeds around the world that are highly meat productive, some of them are famous for milk production, some goat breeds produce high-quality skins and fiber. However, some highly productive goat breeds are Beetal, Saanen, Boer, Black Bengal, Anglo Nubian, Jamunapari.

4. Good Housing

One must ensure a well-designed house with all types of accommodation facilities. It influences the total production and profit from commercial goat farming. On average, 1.5-2.0 squire meter housing space is needed per goat. Thus, build your house as per the number of goats. Keep separate room for the buck and does, inside the house. Proper ventilation & drainage system is a must. There should be a sufficient flow of fresh air and light inside the house.

5. Fencing

Make a fence around your farm area. It will keep your goats safe and free from other harmful animals like dogs. You can make a fence with general wire or electric wire.

6. Feeding

It is the most important part of commercial goat farming. Good commercial production with maximum profit is mostly dependent on feeding high quality fresh and nutritious food. Provide your goats with enough green food with nutritious complementary food regularly. Observe the health condition of goats. If there are any thin or weak goats, then separate them and provide them with some extra nutritious food.

Always remember that you must never feed your goat used, damped or contaminated food. Store your goat feed in cool & safe place. Put the food basket high so that wastage of food is less.

7. Breeding

In today’s time, various modern farmers are using artificial insemination system for breeding in commercial goat farming. It is very suitable for large scale commercial goat farming. If you have just started up with few goats then you must use natural goat breeding. You can contact with your any nearest organization if you are interested.

8. Veterinary Services

The health of goats plays a vital role to generate a good and profitable business. Though, diseases are less in goats. But, be sure of the availability of proper and sufficient veterinary service in your farm. If your farm is located near to any veterinary service center then it will be better. You must store the necessary medicines and vaccines in your farm. So that if anyhow something goes wrong, then you will be able to provide first aid.

9. Pasture

Making a pasture is a must for commercial goat farming business. If you are making a pasture for your goats, then you can decrease complementary food cost. Also, browsing in the pasture also helps to keep the goats healthy.

10. Regular Care

Always take good care of your goats. Don’t ever delay or stop caring for your goats. You must provide them good care and management. Proper care & management will ensure maximum production and high profit from your business.

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