War Escalates! You’re Influential In Dating Crooks, Abortion & Abusing Ex-Employers-Bad Black Blasts Gashumba

War Escalates! You’re Influential In Dating Crooks, Abortion & Abusing Ex-Employers-Bad Black Blasts Gashumba

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For our new readers, the verbal war that has since torn social media into pieces came after proud sex worker Bad Black demeaned Sheila’s renowned work of products and brand influencing something that stirred Gasumba’s anger and also fired back giving a space for the social media seasonal battle.

It is from that background that the war has now almost taken over all popular social media platforms among these including Snap Chat, where Black has since raised tough questions to Sheila job that has uplifted her career for many years now.

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The most successful woman in the ‘Detoothing industry’ Bad Black wondered about Sheila’s highly exalted influential responsibilities given the fact of her personal weakness like; dropping out of school, aborting, dating crooks, dressing in skimpy clothes, social battling everyone, abusing former employers, and backstabbing friends.

“Who does Sheila Gashumba Influence? Simububi. She influences them to do What? Drop out of school? Abort, date crooks, dress skimpy, social climb everyone? Abuse of former employers? Backstab friends, WHAT AND WHO DOES SHE INFLUENCE?” Bad Black posted on her Snapchat.

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To avoid firebacks from motormouthed Sheilah Gashumba, Bad black swiftly commented about her popular activity of serving her mega natural goodies to a variety of men and said that this influences single mother, prostitutes and Uganda government.

“At least Bad Black influences single Moms, Ex-convicts, prostitutes, even government if Uganda emumanyi,” she added.

As if ll the bove was not enough, Black switched to her twitter handle and further exposed Sheila’s secrets by posting;

“I will make you reunite for war nothing can shake us we no da truth now or u want me to remind u da nigga who just sent 6 million weeks ego for group sex it was sent from wave (US) nkwata mpola ……..….dirty words..……..”

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However, Sheila, despite being famous in punching all those that come to destabilize her social media peace, this time seems not to have picked interest Black’s battle after r4emaining silent for a couple of days and later only posted; “This is my new life slogan!! What comes, what may”

It is worth noting that Sheila Gashumba earlier this month put a pen to paper in a deal that will see her become ‘Yo Kuku’ brand ambassador, an additional endorsement deal to many that have come before with Africell, and other brands something that reportedly stirred Black’s jealousy.

Sheila Gashumba’s main task is to represent Yo Kuku to the public and preach the good gospel of the chicken brand to the public.

And while signing the deal, ED Yo Kuku Rahim Manji told Sheila that the partnership is intended to create more brand awareness. “We believe this partnership will have a lot of traction,” he said.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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