We Are Talking To South Sudan Over Lamwo Killings – Gov’t

We Are Talking To South Sudan Over Lamwo Killings – Gov’t

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The Minister of State for Defence and Veteran Affairs (Defence), Hon. Jacob Oboth, has assured Parliament that Uganda and South Sudan are addressing the insecurity in Lamwo district, where two residents were killed and 270 heads of cattle lost to raiders from across the border.

Oboth acknowledged that the insecurity in the northern district of Lamwo was not peculiar to other districts bordering South Sudan, where people continue to lose lives and property to armed raiders.

“We are working in collaboration with South Sudan authorities and efforts are ongoing to recover the stolen livestock and bring the perpetrators to justice,” said Oboth.

He added: “The latest is we have held a meeting of the chiefs of defence in Uganda and South Sudan and the agreement is that South Sudanese visiting Uganda should not carry fire arms.”

Oboth noted that the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) was working closely with local security forces to collect timely intelligence information and to deploy on the borders.

He also told MPs of an initiative by residents to establish community kraals for protection of livestock as opposed to individual kraals.

MPs were, however, dissatisfied with government’s response to an event that occurred in March amidst continued invasions by South Sudan armed raiders.

“This thing took place in March, you did not indicate how far have you gone with addressing this insecurity, the same thing is still happening, Sudanese keep coming, do atrocities and go back un touched,” said Hon. Amos Okot (NRM, Agago North County).

He said attempts by residents to seek protection from the UPDF have largely been futile.

Kilak South County MP, Hon. Gilbert Olanya, said more South Sudan warriors were settling in Lamwo district, evicting residents and forcefully taking cattle.

“They have entered Lamwo and have settled in about 10 kilometres deep yet carrying guns. In Okidi parish, they chased residents from their land and took their cattle,” Olanya revealed.

He asked government to immediately expel South Sudanese involved in unlawful evictions and cattle theft.

Gulu City woman MP, Hon. Betty Ocan, asked Oboth to beware of possibilities of South Sudanese who may not use the main border posts to gain entry into the country.

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