We Can’t Keep Watching As Opposition Hold Campaigns: Museveni To Utilize Remaining Time By Revisiting Some Districts

We Can’t Keep Watching As Opposition Hold Campaigns: Museveni To Utilize Remaining Time By Revisiting Some Districts

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By Frank Kamuntu

Kampala: The National Resistance Movement party Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba has said that following the suspension of political activities in 14 districts considered to be registering high spread of the virus, President Yoweri Museveni will revisit some districts where he was recently and also go to those he skipped. This, according to the party arrangements will go hand in hand with his television and radio addresses across the country.

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Lumumba was today addressing the party’s weekly press briefing at NRM Secretariat in Kampala where she said that some districts have been reconsidered to be visited by the president to strengthen his support.

‘’I want to inform the country that after the announcement by the Electoral Commission suspending political activities in the 14 districts in the country, the NRM party took a decision that our presidential candidate will increase on radio and TV programmes. We have also considered our presidential flag bearer to go back to some of the districts he did visit,’’ Lumumba said.

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As per the media programme, she said that the President is scheduled to have an interview with New Vision newspaper and her sister publications under the Vision Group today, and then on Monday, he will have a radio and TV programme in Luo for the benefit of Acholi and the Jopadhola at 7am.

Mr Museveni will also have a radio and TV programme translated in Lugisu, Lumasaba on Tuesday 5th and will also have a radio programme translated in Lugbara for the benefit of the West Nile region on Wednesday. On Thursday the President will have an Ateso translated address for the benefit of Teso people. He will also have a radio programme on Friday at 7pm in Lunyakitara for the benefit of Banyankole, Batoro, Banyoro and Bakiga ethnic communities.

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Lumumba adds that the NRM presidential candidate will address a press conference for TV and radio that will be in Lusoga and on Monday 11th he will address the people of the central region through radio and television in Luganda. The President will later conduct a general address, to sum up his campaigns. The address will take place at Nakasero on the 12th of January 2021.

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According to Lumumba, President Museveni is expected to go back to Kisoro district to meet the leaders who he did not meet, Maracha, Kasandha and Mityana. ‘’So we are working out plans with the Electoral Commission to see that we don’t collide with any candidate. And the moment EC gives us permission we shall get to inform people in those areas so that we are able to receive him and work with him,’’ Lumumba said.

TheSpy Uganda has also learnt that Museveni will visit Yumbe district in West Nile on State duty to officiate at the opening of a new fruit factory and the government referral hospital that was constructed recently.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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