We Listened To Your Queries & Acted-Police Speaks Out On New Traffic Uniforms

We Listened To Your Queries & Acted-Police Speaks Out On New Traffic Uniforms

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Police administration says has listened to the queries of the general public by making further changes to the new traffic uniform that was introduced in March this year.

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Last month, traffic police rebranded its self from the all-white uniform to a khaki trouser, white elastic belt and whitish beret for males and special caps for female officers.

However, following the changes from the all-white to a khaki uniform, several road users complained that traffic officers donning the new uniform were not easily visible while on the road.

Now According to police, starting this week, the formerly khaki sleeves have been changed to white and many traffic police officers have been seen donning the uniform bearing the new changes.

Recently, AIGP Asan Kasingye, who is also the chairman uniform committee of the police force said they were still making changes to the new uniform.

”We have received reviews about the traffic uniform from the media on improving its visibility. Today, the Police Policy and Advisory Committee(PAC) has approved an addition to what was already approved; a pair of white armlets. These will be supplied soon,” Kasingye said last month.

However, just like it was for the all-khaki uniform, the changes which saw white armlets added onto the traffic police uniform have not been welcomed by members of the public.

Many have since argued that the new changes have made matters worse for the already “ugly” traffic police uniform.

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