We Religious Leaders Can’t Keep Silent On Devil Soaking Our Country In Terrible Crisis-Father Musaala Bangs Table

We Religious Leaders Can’t Keep Silent On Devil Soaking Our Country In Terrible Crisis-Father Musaala Bangs Table

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Father Anthony Musaala has noted that no one should question religious leaders’ intervention in political matters saying that they are trained to deal with spiritual behaviors and crises of which politics is one of them since it is also based on faith.

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“A political crisis if carefully examined, is also a spiritual one, because one’s deeply held beliefs or faith, are shaken by certain political events, which are hurtling towards a crisis,” said Musaala.

In a statement headed “WHAT A CRISIS” released via his Facebook page, Musaala believes that faith is consciously or subconsciously fed into all of one’s political reckonings especially during a crisis, unless one’s faith is dead.

As a result then, he says that religious leaders as well as the faithful ought to resist being totally silent in such a “crisis” because it is a threat to the nation.

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“Anyone who appears to be sitting on any kind of fence, and being ‘neutral’ in such serious times will not be judged well by history, let alone God,” says Musaala, “Something can always be said to someone somewhere.

Musaala adds that there are limits to pragmatism, prudence and not giving offence highlighting that the reason for this is that in spiritual terms, there is no ‘being neutral’ or fence- sitting.

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“There is no half-way house between good and evil, between God and Satan, the fence belongs to the Evil One,” the straightforward Father noted.

He preached, “As Jesus says, ‘Let your yes be a yes, and your no be a no, anything else is from the Evil One. (Mt 5:37)”

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