‘We Shall Slowly But Surely Pay For Our ‘Sins’- Uganda Pays UGX 250 Billion As Partial Payment For War Damages In DRC

‘We Shall Slowly But Surely Pay For Our ‘Sins’- Uganda Pays UGX 250 Billion As Partial Payment For War Damages In DRC

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government spokesperson, Patrick Muyaya has confirmed that the Ugandan government has paid UGX 250 billion($65million) as partial payment for war reparations that were awarded to his country by the International Court of Justice in February 2022.

“The payment of this indemnity is made in five instalments of $65 million. The first had just been paid,” the DRC government spokesperson, Patrick Muyaya said on Saturday.

The International Court of Justice which is a United Nations’ top court in February 2022 ordered Uganda to pay the Democratic Republic of Congo $325 million(Shs1.1) trillion which was only a fraction of the $11 billion that the country had sought as reparations for the 1998 to 2003 war.

At its height, the conflict in DRC drew in nine African countries, with Uganda and Rwanda backing rebel forces against the ruling government as all parties tried to control the country’s mineral-rich Ituri province.

In 2005, the UN court ruled that Uganda had violated international law when it occupied parts of Ituri with its troops and also supported other armed groups during the war in the province.

The court ordered the two countries to negotiate the compensation process but in 2005 DRC reported to the tribunal that negotiations had failed to yield anything and sought a final decision on the amount.

DRC asked for over $11 billion from Uganda for the occupation of Ituri.

The Hague-based court ruled that Uganda should only pay only $325 million(Shs1.1) trillion and not $11 billion as had been requested by DRC.

“The court sets out the total amount of compensation awarded to the DRC, which is 325 million US dollars,” said Joan Donoghue, the chief judge.”

The amount was meant to cater for damage to persons including deaths, injuries and sexual violence totalling $225 and $40 million for damage to property and $60 million for damage to natural resources that were looted.

The court notes that the reparation awarded to the DRC for damage to persons and to property reflects the harm suffered by individuals and communities as a result of Uganda’s breach of its international obligations,” the court said.

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