Weasel Welcomes Another Kid After Nyaru Lover Sandra Drops Tot

Weasel Welcomes Another Kid After Nyaru Lover Sandra Drops Tot

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By Spy Uganda

Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel, the only surviving member of the Goodlyfe crew following the death of Mowze Radio, is a dad once again, after his Rwandese lover identified as Sandra Teta  gave birth to a baby girl over the weekend.

Our Spies intimate that Weasel and Sandra received their bundle of joy on Sunday and they have since named their daughter Maria Mayanja Nabukeera.

As you read this, endless congratulatory messages are pouring in from all corners of the world for the couple.

Jose Chameleone holding Weasel’s baby girl as ‘Nakawere’ Sandra Teta smiles

One of the first people to congratulate Sandra and Weasel was his elder brother and fellow singer Joseph Mayanja aka Dr Jose Chameleone, who tweeted thus; “Congratulations Teta Sandra | Weasel Sweetlyfe upon your newly born baby STAR MARIA MAYANJA.”

It should be noted that Weasel hooked up Sandra in 2018 after he had separated with his other baby mama identified as Talia Kassim.

Weasel and Talia developed irreconcilable misunderstandings after she accused him of cheating on her with Sandra and  it was not long before the two babes clashed over his Big Cassava.

Weasel with some of his kids

It is said that after failing to cope up with the heartache caused by Weasel, Talia decided to flee the singer’s Neverland Mansion in Makindye and returned to her parents’ home to start a new life.

However, prior to hooking and siring a tot with Talia, Weasel had been deeply involved with his other ex-lover identified as Samira Tumusiime aka Samira Tumi, the mother of his other son.

Weasel and Samira Tumi hooked up a few years back after she had separated from his late brother Salongo Emmanuel Mayanja alias AK-47.

Weasel having life with Talia Kassim before they separated

They were so much in love that Weasel even visited Samira’s parents’ home in Jinja for a private engagement ceremony, although shortly after she gave birth he started straying with other babes and that was how he ended up ballooning Talia.

Weasel and Samira Tumi before they parted ways

However, apart from Sandra, Talia and Samira, pundits contend that Weasel has at least 35 tots now from numerous city slay queens, although many of them have since decided to raise the kids as single mothers, because of his relentless Big Cassava.     

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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