What You Missed At Batooro Kwegonza Fete Last Sunday!

What You Missed At Batooro Kwegonza Fete Last Sunday!

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By Our reporter

As Croatia was busy conceiving countless goals from France(or did they count 4-2?,ok) in the world cup finals, King Oyo’s loyal subjects were busy at what they do best-wiggling at Zone 7 in their now officially launched annual event dubbed ‘Batooro Kwegonza’ fete.

According to organizers, Batooro,Banyoro kwegonza will now be an annual fete where Batooro and Banyoro will be coming together not only to merry make,dine and have fun but also to promote their cultures and mobilize themselves,just like we have Bakiika’s Itesots coming together to celebrate their diversity.

In Four some: Joram Bintamanya (Ogwekyoma) (M),The South Div.Councilor and District Finance Committee Chairman Fort Portal postponed council meetings and drove to Kla with his Four some.

Last Sunday proved some folks that have for soo long mistaken Batooro for ‘Omusaija tayangwa’ stunts, because, apart from simply looking on and admiring God’s ‘flowers’ made from Tooro, no Mutooro babe..….atleast, according to our snoopy lens cameras went with a stranger back home! All our snoop witnessed was a bunch of salivating swanky, pocketing men all the way as if they were holding something not to escape from their bulging trousers,especially every time a mutooro juicy babe  wiggled passed them to the rest rooms.

“But really, let’s be honest, God must have spent more time moulding these Batooro babes at the cost of other tribes” our Mukiga man loudly commented unreservedly in company of fellow bakiga girls. This caused him to be booed by the his Bakiga friends though he maintained his position.

Now you reading this be the judge,defend this man for speaking his mind or castigate him for being too frank with life! Enjoy the optical nutrition, bon appetit!, Let’s gooooo………..

Joe Morgan,what drink did you take that suppressed your eyes?
But who said i was single and searching? She seems to be answering a mukiga guy who arrogantly stole her number from her female friend’s phone and the guy straight away hit her inbox….like….’Iwe hatishi nyowe kandi aha nyenka mbwenu tiwandeeba shi?!”
Okoleki? Are you not reading the eyes of your left side friend?! Kaguza abo aboizire nabo! I see you’re two by two!
If your petty name is Amooti too, then follow me….I mean to the loo!
I didn’t know the Man who Speaks what others fear was this broke together with his friend vying for Kabarole MPship cum 2030(I  suspect Mbale court to extend Mps’ term)to the extent that where as other were carrying different tribes of bottles,these dudes’ hands were stack in their pockets! No drink from the time they entered till they left,no idea about the depth of their wallets.
I thought Tonto was for #Team Mama Tendo, I was wrong! Maawe!!!!!

So Ms.Kahukya this is how you’ve been investing UNRA salary?!

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