Wife  Hacks Husband Over Failure To Pay Bride Price

Wife Hacks Husband Over Failure To Pay Bride Price

By Michael Atwakiire     

Sheema: Police in Sheema district are holding a 28-year-old  woman for allegedly cutting her husband’s arm on 26th December 2019 at 10:00PM, accusing him of failing to pay the agreed bride price to her parents.

Christine Komuhangi, 28,  resident of from Katwe Kyabandaara  in Sheema municipality, allegedly cutting  her husband Michael Mwijukye, 39, of the same address with a new panga which she bought on  Christmas Eve.

Michael Mwijukye narrating his ordeal

Mwijukye told us that “For so long this woman has been demanding me to go and fulfill the agreed bride price to her parents. For me I wanted to first at least collect like 4 cows and then we go.  But when she refused to look after the two cows we have  plus mistreating me , I cancelled all the programs with her because on Christmas  day, we were supposed to wed and I to complete payment of the bride price.”

 He added that “On  December 26th, like at 10:00PM when I returned home from watching  soccer, I found her angry. I asked her to serve me food but she refused so I served  myself. As I ate she moved outside and when she returned, she started abusing me and we started quarreling. Aa we quarrelled she picked a panga which was under the dining table and she cut my arm.”

However, Komuhangi  said  that After refusing to warm for him sauce , I went outside to ease myself.  He immediately closed the door and after I hit it for a long time he opened for me. But as soon as I entered inmthe house, he squeezed my neck and started boxing me. That was when  I decided to defend myself by cutting his right arm.”

Christine Komuhangi at Police

She added that  “What I know is that my  husband loves me so much just as I do. But the problem is my mother- in-law Bwezire Teopista  is a bad woman.  She has so far frustrated  two of his ex-wives  who fled because of her bad manners.”

However, when asked about Komuhangi’s allegation, Bwezire said that it’s true and due to the many indiscipline cases of her daughter-in-law [Komuhangi], its her prayer that Komuhangi and Mwijukye divorce one day.

Komuhangi is facing charges of attempted murder vide file number CRB 009/2020  of Sheema Police and will be paraded in court when investigations are completed.

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