X-Mas With Nakivale Refugees 2019 Gains Momentum As More Ugandans Donate To Refugees

X-Mas With Nakivale Refugees 2019 Gains Momentum As More Ugandans Donate To Refugees

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By Frank Kamuntu

This year’s Christmas season is going to be a very special one for our brothers and sisters at Nakivale Refugee Settlement, because members of the Pan-African Pyramid (PAP) are organising a special treat for them.

Mrs. Irene Nyeko,alab Technician at Reproductive Health Uganda hands over her donation to PAP’s Tina Tana on Monday morning

The PAP team led by Chairman and Founding Speaker Andrew Irumba, has been collecting relief items to be donated to refugees at Nakivale Refugee Settlement,  under the PAP campaign dubbed ‘X-Mas With Refugees.’

Several Ugandans, especially traders at Owino and Nakawa market so far contributed lots of relief items in form of clothes, utensils, food, snacks, etc for the refugees at Nakivale.

Madam Hope Amumpaire from Kawempe Tula also donated to Nakivale Refugees

Individuals like Dr Sudhir Ruparelia, plus companies like Britannia Allied Industries  and others have also contributed financial and physical support to the PAP cause.

Actually, on Monday morning, Mrs Irine Nyeko, a laboratory technician at Reproductive Health Uganda, called on PAP member Tina Tana and donated to Nakivale refugees. Thank you very much.

PAP team members collect donations from Owino market traders on Saturday

While commenting about the exercise over the weekend Mr. Irumba noted thus;
“When I have an assignment to accomplish in a given time, I don’t work hours or days, I work work. So my Sunday was like any other day…..out in the field collecting relief aide for Nakivale refugees (We’re delivering next week on 20th December).

So today I met one of my long time best friends though very antagonistic in nature! You only need to learn her, understand her,accept her the way she is and get the best out of her.

Ms.patience Namanya from Min.of Gender,labour and Social Dev’t donated whole heartedly on Sunday.

I actually nicknamed her ‘Winnie Byanyima’…by all standards….looks, character,focus etc.But she is also my boss at Gen. Elly Tumwine’s VACOCA (Voluntary Anti-corruption Campaign Africa) at the creations in Industrial Area.

PAP Speaker Andrew Irumba receives donations from Mr.Brighton Makara, the MD Greentanks Ltd on Saturday at the their office in Ntinda Industrial area. The donation included 500 T-shirts and caps.

So,yes, I and my sister met Patience Namanya this Sunday evening, and in micro seconds,our car boot was already complaining of limited space! Clothes,shoes etc for  all ages for refugees! Don’t agonize, organize!”

Managing Director Kisementi based Millenium supermarket Mr.Altaf Khetani (M) and his young brother also donated to Nakivale Refugees on Friday

Other contributors to the cause include; HALEA Youth Support Centre, which pledged to contribute Shs300,000 towards supporting the Nakivale Refugees. They also promised to look around for stuff to bring and to participate actively.

There is also Madam Hope Amumpaire, who donated lots of clothes and shoes for the refugees.

Prominent city lawyer Cathy Jackie Mwosana, a pioneer PAP member, also donated clothes and shoes, among other people.

It should be remembered that PAP is not a foreign organization but African organization with its headquarters in Uganda, Kampala, plot 41 Gaddafi road (former Makerere hill) but serves people especially needy in different localities despite of their tribes nor geographical locations and for this matter therefore, PAP has served various refugee camps including including Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Hoima district (in 2016)where members  traveled 112.14 miles (180.47 km) to reach from Kampala, in 2016.

The second visit was in 2017 to the world’s largest refugee settlement, Bidi Bidi, in Yumbe District, where PAP members traveled 533.1 KM to the camp based in northwestern Uganda, occupied by over 270,000 South Sudanese, who were displaced by the civil war in their country.

And previously in 2018, the PAP team visited Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement camp in Kamwenge District, after traveling 290.5 km from Kampala and now hoping to travel Nakivale a settlement located in Isingiro district in Southwest Uganda occupied with a population of 61,000people and covering 185 km2 (71 sq mi).

The Pan-African Pyramid organizes such events basing on its principles as an intellectual, non-partisan discussion forum, built on the Pillars of PAN-AFRICANISM, PATRIOTISM and NATIONALISM, whose Ideal/pre-occupation is to REVIVE intellectual discourse among youth with a bias on re-constructing our lost Pan-Africanism, patriotism and Nationalism Values and spirit.

What Is Pan-Africanism?
Pan-Africanism is an ideology and movement that encourages the solidarity of Africans worldwide. It is based on the belief that unity is vital to economic, social, and political progress and aims to ‘Unify and uplift’ people of African descent.

The ideology asserts that the fate of all African peoples and countries are intertwined. At its core Pan-Africanism is “a belief that African peoples, both on the continent and in the diaspora, share not merely a common history, but a common destiny”

Pan African Pyramid Vision:
To articulate the concerted efforts geared towards promoting the true African Awakening among the BLACK people throughout Africa and in the Diaspora, and galvanize inventions and innovations of the African people.

Pan African Pyramid Mission:
To REVIVE intellectual discourse among the youths with a bias of re-constructing our lost Pan-Africanism, patriotism and Nationalism Values and spirit.

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