‘You Either Quit Alcohol Or Job’-DEO Orders Teachers

‘You Either Quit Alcohol Or Job’-DEO Orders Teachers

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: The Sheema District Education Officer (DEO) and at the same time Chairman of all DEO’s in Uganda Mr. Willy Nshabiirwe has cautioned serving teachers to immediately decide between leaving alcohol or teaching.

Nshabiirwe expressed his disappointment to teachers during a conference where UNATU was giving their annually accountability for the financial year 2018/19 and drawing a work plan of 2019/2020.

 The conference was held on Monday 19 August 2019 at Kyarimanya resort hotel, Kabwohe town,I Sheema District where all head teachers in the District attended in person.

Nshabiirwe advised parents to always tip him off after arresting teachers they find drunk because in teacher’s code of conduct, Alcohol is prohibited.
“In teachers profession code of conduct, we don’t allow any teacher to take alcohol, therefore urge parents and school management committees to start arresting those drunkard teachers.
“Take them to police, and call us immediately” Nshabiirwe said.

He also warned those teachers who always miss classes due to absenteeism without permission from their head teachers.

Nsabiirwa warned that whoever will be allegedly accused of absenteeism shall be immediately withdrawn from monthly government payroll and taken to court until he or she found either guilty or innocent.
“I can’t fight absenteeism alone, therefore I ask head teachers and school committees to always report to us those teachers who give them headache. I will handle them professionally,” he warned.

Mutabarura Willy the Sheema District UNATU chairperson called upon teachers to have a positive attitude on their duties and to seriously avoid annually salary deductions.

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